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Kanazawa University
Institute of Medical,Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
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Apr 2015
professor, Kanazawa University
Oct 2007
Mar 2015
Kanazawa University
: The Hospital of Hyougo Callage of Medicine 
: Assistant Professor 


Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa University
Health Sciences, Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa University
Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University

Awards & Honors

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
JSRT The technical encouragement prize (X-ray)
JSRT Rookie of the year technical award (X-ray)

Published Papers

Takuya Wada, Kazuya Nakayama, Akihiro Takemura, Hiroaki Yamamoto, Hironori Kojima, Naoki Isomura, Kimiya Noto
IFMBE Proceedings   68 581-584   Jan 2019
© Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019. Optical computed tomography (optical CT) is a reading device of the dyed gel dosimeters. We are developing the optical CT for the evaluation of three dimensional radiation absorbed dose distribution in th...
Noriomi Yokoyama, Akihiro Takemura, Hironori Kojima, Kousuke Tsukamoto, Shinichi Ueda, Kimiya Noto
IFMBE Proceedings   68 505-508   Jan 2019
© Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019. High risk prostate cancer is treated with a combination of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and high dose rate brachytherapy (HDR-BT). Deformable image registration (DIR) techniques used for d...
Masayasu Kitagawa, Masayasu Kitagawa, Ayaka Hirosawa, Ayaka Hirosawa, Akihiro Takemura
IFMBE Proceedings   68 487-491   Jan 2019
© Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2019. A combined system comprising the LINIAC TrueBeam (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alt, CA) and a new real-time tumor-tracking radiotherapy system, SyncTraX FX4® (Shimadzu Co., Kyoto, Japan), was installed in...
Nakayama Kazuya, Ohara Ryouta, Terada Kaori, Matsuda Tetsuya, Wada Takuya, Takemura Akihiro
Journal of wellness and health care = Journal of wellness and health care   42(1) 67-73   Aug 2018
放射線の照射量を 3 次元的に測定することを目指し、ゲル線量計用の光学 CT 装置の開発を行っている。本研究では、性能評価の 1 つである MTF を調べた。また試料を水中で測定することも検討されているが、水中での測定では像が拡大し歪むことがわかった。このため、最初にこの影響と補正方法について検討をおこなった。その結果、水中での測定では拡大率は画像の中心で 130% であった。歪み率は画像中心から 5 cm の場所で 15%であった。この歪みは、OpenCV を用いて補正することが可能であ...
An uncertainty metric to evaluate deformation vector fields for dose accumulation in radiotherapy
Akihiro Takemura, Akira Nagano, Hironori Kojima, Tomohiro Ikeda, Noriomi Yokoyama, Kosuke Tsukamoto, Kimiya
Physics and Imaging in radiation oncology   6 77-82   2018   [Refereed]
中山 和也, 小林 長功, 和田 拓也, 武村 哲浩
Journal of wellness and health care   41(1) 137-142   Aug 2017
放射線の照射量を3次元的に測定することを目指し、ゲル線量計用の光CTの試作を行った。ゲル線量計は、放射線を吸収した部分が白濁化する性質を持っており、吸収線量が多いほど、より濃く白濁化する。白濁化の範囲と量が分かれば吸収線量を三次元的に推定できる。そこで、本研究でゲル線量計の白濁化の範囲と量を測定するための安価な光学 CT 装置を試作した。試作した光学 CT 装置は、試料を回転させる駆動系、試料を撮影するための光源とカメラ、これらを制御するシングルボードコンピュータなどで構成されている。本装...
Takemura A, Togawa K, Yokoi T, Ueda S, Noto K, Kojima H, Isomura N, Kumano T
Radiological physics and technology   9(2) 178-186   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Toshio Kurobori, Akihiro Takemura, Yuka Miyamoto, Daisuke Maki, Yasuhiro Koguchi, Nobuhiro Takeuchi, Takayoshi Yamamoto, Yao Qiang Chen
Radiation Measurements   83 51-55   Dec 2015
© 2015 Published by Elsevier Ltd. A disk-type two- and three-dimensional (2D, 3D) X-ray dose imaging detector was developed based on the radiation-induced silver (Ag)-related species in Ag-activated phosphate glass. This luminescent detector is ba...
Akihiro Takemura, Shogo Tanabe, Mei Tokai, Shinichi Ueda, Kimiya Noto, Naoki Isomura, Hironori Kojima
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice   14 410-417   Jun 2015
© Cambridge University Press 2015. Aim To use cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images for treatment planning, the Hounsfield unit (HU)-electron density (ED) calibration table for CBCT should be stable. The purpose of this study was to verify t...
Akihiro Takemura, Hironori Kojima, Shinichi Ueda, Naoki Isomura, Kimiya Noto, Tomohiro Ikeda
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE   9415    Jan 2015
© 2015 SPIE. We propose a new metric, local uncertainty (LU) for the evaluation of deformable image registration (DIR) for dose accumulation in radiotherapy. LU measures the uncertainty of placement of each voxel in an image set after a DIR. The u...
Kawakami W, Takemura A, Yokoyama K, Nakajima K, Yokoyama S, Koshida K
Radiation oncology (London, England)   10 1   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Kinoshita N, Kita A, Takemura A, Nishimoto Y, Adachi T
Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi   70(9) 877-882   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
KINOSHITA Naoki, TAKEMURA Akihiro, KITA Akinobu, MURAI Emi, NISHIMOTO Yasuhiro, TOI Akiko, SHIMADA Masato, SASAMOTO Kouhei, ADACHI Toshiki
Nippon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi   69(10) 1161-1164   Oct 2013
In standard external beam radiotherapy dosimetry, which is based on absorbed dose by water, the absorbed dose at any calibration depth is calculated using the same beam quality conversion factor, regardless of the presence or absence of a waterpro...
Kinoshita N, Takemura A, Kita A, Murai E, Nishimoto Y, Toi A, Shimada M, Sasamoto K, Adachi T
Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi   69(10) 1161-1164   Oct 2013   [Refereed]
Takemura Akihiro, Ueda Shinichi, Noto Kimiya, Kojima Hironori, Isomura Naoki
International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology   2(3) 69-75   Jul 2013
In this study, we compared the motion accuracy of a six degrees of freedom (6D) couch for precision radiotherapy with or without weights attached to the couch. Two digital cameras were focused on the iso-center of a linear accelerator. Images of a...
Takemura A, Sasamoto K, Nakamura K, Kuroda T, Shoji S, Matsuura Y, Matsushita T
Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi   69(6) 641-647   Jun 2013   [Refereed]
Kinoshita N, Takemura A, Nishimoto Y, Kita A, Toi A, Murai E, Shimada M, Sasamoto K, Adachi T
Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai zasshi   69(3) 284-287   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
TAKEMURA Akihiro, UEDA Shinichi, NOTO Kimiya, KURATA Yuichi, SHOJI Saori
Nippon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi   67(9) 1174-1182   Sep 2011
Purpose: In this study, we proposed and evaluated a positional accuracy assessment method with two high-resolution digital cameras for add-on six-degrees-of-freedom radiotherapy (6D) couches. Methods and Materials: Two high resolutio...
Okumura E, Sanada S, Suzuki M, Takemura A, Matsui O
Radiological physics and technology   4(2) 109-120   Jul 2011   [Refereed]
TAKEMURA Akihiro, ITO Keisuke, SHOJI Saori, UEDA Shinichi, KURATA Yuichi
Medical Imaging and Information Sciences   28(1) 30-35   2011
[Purpose] We investigated the correlation between diaphragm motion evaluated using fluoroscopy and a respiratory monitoring device(Abches: APEX Medical, Inc, Tokyo), which comprised two arms for measuring changes in the levels of the chest and abd...


Nippon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi   60(6) 802-807   2004
Telemedicine of MR imagings by gigabit network: Toyama city Hospital-Kanazawa University
20(4) 497-501   2004

Conference Activities & Talks

Development of bone equivalent polymer gel dosimeter: R2 - dose response curve
Shota Ishihara, AkihiroTakemura, Narumi Kumahara, Hironori Kojima, Naoki Isomura, Kimiya Noto, Shinichi Ueda
IUPESM2018   3 Jun 2018   
Improvement clinical quality of the dual energy volumetric modulated arc therapy planning for head and neck cancer
Trang Hong Thi Nguyen 1, Akihiro Takemura 2, Erina Watanabe 4, Shinichi Ueda 3, Kimiya Noto 3, Hironori Kojima 3, Naoki Isomura 3
IUPESM2018   3 Jun 2018   
YOKOYAMA Noriomi, TAKEMURA Akihiro, KOJIMA Hironori, TSUKAMOTO Kousuke, UEDA Shiniti, NOTO Kimiya
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
ISHIHARA Shota, TAKEMURA Akihiro, KUMAHARA Narumi, KOJIMA Hironori, ISOMURA Naoki, NOTO Kimiya, UEDA Shinichi
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
WADA Takuya, NAKAYAMA Kazuya, TAKEMURA Akihiro, YAMAMOTO Hiroaki, KOJIMA Hironori, ISOMURA Naoki, NOTO Kimiya
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
NGUYEN Trang Hong Thi, TAKEMURA Akihiro, UEDA Shinichi, NOTO Kimiya, KOJIMA Hironori, ISOMURA Naoki
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
白崎展行, 武村哲浩, 吉田寿, 酒井幹緒, 杉本浩章, 堀田大雄, 倉橋瀬那
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   20 Mar 2018   
日本放射線技術学会放射線治療部会誌(Web)   Oct 2017   
北川雅康, 武村哲浩, 桝谷大全, 野村実, 原勇人, 酒井勉欣, 岡田理, 荒幡純貴, 柴田香織, 多賀信也
日本診療放射線技師会誌   1 Sep 2017   
白崎展行, 武村哲浩, 吉田寿, 酒井幹緒, 杉本浩章, 堀田大雄, 倉橋瀬那
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   21 Mar 2017   
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   21 Mar 2017   
小島礼慎, 武村哲浩, 上田伸一, 能登公也, 磯村直樹, 花岡慎介, 松浦幸広
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   21 Mar 2017   
Characterization of Deformable Image Registration for the Pelvic Region Based On Prostate Shifting, Image Noise and the Existence of Implanted Fiducial Markers
T. Ikeda*, A. Takemura, U. Shinichi, H. Kojima, K. Noto
AAPM   31 Jul 2016   
日本放射線技術学会放射線治療部会誌(Web)   Apr 2016   
IKEDA Tomohiro, TAKEMURA Akihiro, UEDA Shinichi, KOJIMA Hironori, NOTO Kimiya, ISOMURA Naoki, NAGANO Akira
日本放射線技術学会総会学術大会予稿集   2016   
倉田雄一, 室井大志, 花岡慎介, 磯村直樹, 小島礼慎, 能登公也, 上田伸一, 武村哲浩, 熊野智康, 山本信一
日本診療放射線技師会誌   1 Nov 2015   
磯村直樹, 上田伸一, 小島礼慎, 倉田雄一, 武村哲浩, 松浦幸広
日本診療放射線技師会誌   1 Nov 2015   
小島礼慎, 上田伸一, 武村哲浩, 能登公也, 花岡慎介, 室井大志, 倉田雄一, 松浦幸広
日本放射線技術学会雑誌   20 Sep 2015   
首藤由衣, 武村哲浩, 上田伸一, 小島礼慎, 能登公也
日本放射線技術学会雑誌   20 Sep 2015   

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Analysis of setup error on Image guided radiation therapy
Project Year: 2008   
Development of the Computer-Assisted Catheter Guide system.