MITSUI Itsutomo

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MITSUI Itsutomo
Kaetsu University
Master(Keio University)
Other affiliation
Yokohama National University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2012
Professor, Kaetsu University, Graduate School of Business Innovation
Apr 2001
Mar 2012
Professor, Yokohama National University Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Department of Social Environment and Information, /,Division of Social Environment and Information,Research Institute of Environment and Information Sciences,Yokohama National
 Visiting Professor, Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University Business School
 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Komazawa University
Apr 1981
Mar 1991
Associate Professor, Komazawa University, Faculty of Economics


Apr 1972
Mar 1981
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Keio University
Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Published Papers

Globalisation of SMEs in Japan -- Academic views and business practices in the era of inevitable globalisation
MITSUI Itsutomo
KASBS 2012 Fall Conference Proceedings      Oct 2012
'Industrial Cluster Policies and and regional development in the age of globalisation -Eastern and Western approaches and their differences'
MITSUI Itsutomo
30th ISBC Conference in Singapore      Sep 2003
'New product development and marketing strategies in SMEs: Japanese experience in the 1990s
MITSUI Itsutomo
21st ISBA Confrence Proceedings      Nov 1998
The importance of subcontracting relationship: the development of subcontracting management in Japan and its future
MITSUI Itsutomo
24(4)    1993


Revitalisation of Japan's Economy: Implications for Malaysia
MITSUI Itsutomo
Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia   47-63   1997
New product development and marketing strategies in SMEs: Japanese experience in the 1990s
MITSUI Itsutomo
21st ISBA Conference Proceedings (Durham, UK)      1998
SME's new product development and its collaborating relationship
MITSUI Itsutomo
49(12) 23-33   1999
A Great U-turn of the SME policy in Japan? Advocating necessary intervention in the disavantaged position of SMEs
MITSUI Itsutomo
(75) 12-24   2000
New industrial strategies and the future for local SMEs
MITSUI Itsutomo
52(6) 7-37   2002

Books etc

European Observatory for SMEs 6th Report
Bolton 20 Years On (Japanse translation)
European Observatory for SMEs 5th Annual Report
Revitalisation of Japan's Economy: Implications for Malaysia
Sugiyama & Leong (Part:Joint Work)
European Observatory for SMES 4th Annual Report
JETRO   1997   

Conference Activities & Talks

Niches for SME in Regionalization and Globalization -Japanese experiences in the 21st Century
36th International Small Business Congress   2010   

Teaching Experience



A brilliant Success? -Comparative studies on Japanese production system and its transplants (, UK)
1991 - 1998
Marketing strategy for challenging SMEs
1997 - 1998
'Meister' professional system and its possible adaptation for Japan (JSBRI)
1997 - 1998
Female and the third age entrepreneurship in the 1990s
1999 - 2000
Developments of Pocicies for SMES and their evaluation in Western countries (JSBRI)
1999 - 2000

Research Grants & Projects

Research on the Internationalisation of European SMEs
European Commission/EIM Policy and Research: 
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2011    Investigator(s): MITSUI Itsutomo & CSEG-YNU
Comparative sutdies of policies for SMEs
Project Year: 1985   
Regional Incubation and the development of entrepreneurship
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002 - 2003
regional innovation system and RIS
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2003 - 2008
Community business and entrepreneurship development
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2004 - 2004