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Ph.D(Chuo University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Chuo University Faculty of Policy Studies


On the History of Central Eurasia: Source Materials Show the Past and the Present
Hiroshi Umemura
Introducing the Faculty of Policy Studies: Integrating Policy and Culture   170-181   Oct 2010
Agricultural life in the Niya Oasis: A report from Chimliq-ostang kent.
Hiroshi Umemura, Kentaro Suzuki
Hiroki Takamura ed., Change in the Natural Environment and Life in Oases of the Taklimakan Desert.   169-178   Jun 2005
The Uyghur Document SI 4b Kr.71: Concerning the Sale of a Slave and the Loan of Silver
Hiroshi Umemura
Turfan Revised: The first Century of Research into the Arts and Cultures of the Silk Road   358-360   Jun 2004
A Qočo Uyghur King Painted in the Buddhist Temple of Beshbalïq
Hiroshi Umemura
Turfan, Khotan und Dunhuang, Vortrege der Tagung   361-378   1996
Uyghur Manuscripts presereved in the Peple's Republic of China
Hiroshi Umemura
Documents et archives provenant de l'Asie contrale   173-186   1990

Books etc

Japanese Studies on Inner Asian History 1973-1983
Mar 1987   

Conference Activities & Talks

Uighur families and their mutual aid in Turfan area around the 13th century.
International Scientific Conference"Languages and Literatures of the Turkic Peoples"at St. Petersburg   2015   
On the International Project for Non-Chinese Manuscripts from Bezeklik.
Turfan Forum on Old Languages of the Silk Road.   2010   
A Presentation of the Uyghur Document SI 4bKr.71: Concerning the Sale of a Slave and the Loan of Silver.
Turfan Revisited: The First Century of Research into the Arts and Cultures of the Silk Road. Berlin   2002   
Some Uyghur Inscriptions in the Ruined Buddhist Temple of Beshbalïq: On the Titles of Qočo Uyghur King and the Date of the Inscriptions.
Annemarie von Gabain und die Perspektiven der Turfanforschung Symposium held in Berlin- Brandenburgische akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin.   1994   
Some Recent Aspects of Islam in Chinese Turkestan Oases.

Research Grants & Projects

Study of the Old Manuscripts Written in Scripts Other than Chinese Preserved in Ulumqi and Turfan Museums in China.
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2007 - 2011