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The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing
Nursing, Department of Nursing, Nursing
Job title
Doctor of Science(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Research Interests


Published Papers

A Validity and Reliability Study of the Japanese Version of the Geriatric Depression Scale 15 (GDS-15-J)
Sugishita, K., Sugishita, M., Hemmi, I., Asada, T. and Tanigawa, T.
Clinical Gerontologist   40(4) 233-240   2016   [Refereed]
The efficacy of the phonemic cueing technique in the treatment of aphasia in the acute phase
Hirozane, M., Hemmi, I., Fujimoto, A. and Sugishita,M.
Sophia Linguistica   53 77-86   2005   [Refereed]
Numerical evaluation on bootstrap confidence intervals of regression coefficients in the Cox model for competing risks with missing failure types
Journal of the Japanese Society of Computational Statistics   17(1) 33-47   2004   [Refereed]
Hemmi, I
Journal of the Japan Statistical society   25(1) 81-96   1995   [Refereed]
Hemispheric representation of the central retina of commissurotomized subjects
Sugishita,M.,Hamilton,C.R.,Sakuma,I. and Hemmi,I.
Neuropsychologia   32(4) 399-415   1994   [Refereed]


Journal of the Japanese Society of Computational Statistics   9(1) 31-51   1996
The problem of macular sparing after unilateral occipital lesion(共著)
Journal of Neurology   (241) 1-9   1993
Hemispheric representation of the central retina of commissurotomized subjects(共著)
Neurophychologia   32(4) 399-415   1994
Clinical statistics in 515 fatal cases of motor neuron disease(共著)
Neuroepidemiology   (3) 129-148   1984
Bayesian estimation of the incidence rate in birth defects monitoring
Congenital Anomalies   28(2) 103-109   1988

Books etc

The Practice of Nursing Research
Kuroda,Y., Nakaki, T., Hemmi, I. (Part:Joint Translation)
Elsevier Japan   Sep 2015   
Fundus tachistoscope and its application to the study of the commissurotomy patient(共著)
New horizons in neuropsychology, Elserier   1994   
The Dictionary of Health Behavioral Science
Medicalfriend Co. Ltd   1999   
Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
Center for Academic Publications   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on estimation of survival function
Study on statistical inference of stochastic processes
Study on statistical methods for researches on brain functions
Study on stress processes
Project Year: 2004