Asahi Yumi

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Asahi Yumi

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Shizuoka University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Systems Engineering, Management of business development


Predicting the development of friendship ties among a group of students via multidimensional scaling: An analysis of Nordlie's fraternity data.
Behaviormetrika   25(2) 165-179   1998
A Statistical Data Representation System on the Web
Computational Statistics   17 367-378   2002
Stochastic Process Model for Medical Decision Making
Journal of the Japanese Society of Computational Statistics   15(2) 65-70   2003
Analysis of Contract Price in a B2B Automobile Auction
Industrial Engineering & Management Systems An International Journal   8(4) 201-212   2009
Analysis of browsing behavior of web site visitor by using Markov models
31(1) 25-44   2009

Conference Activities & Talks

日本オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会・日本オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会2009年秋季研究発表会   2009