NASU Kosuke

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NASU Kosuke
Kyoto University
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

associate professor, Setsunan University Faculty of Law, Department of Law

Published Papers

Doubting Doubts, Rescuing Beliefs: Brian Tamanaha and Reflection on the Philosophy of Law
NASU Kosuke
Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie Beiheft: Kosuke Nasu (ed.) Insights about the Nature of Law from History   Bd.152 123-132   2017
Does Globalism Require Revising Concept of Law?
NASU Kosuke
Journal of Social Science   65(2) 113-128   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Surviving Families
NASU Kosuke
The Horitsu Jiho   86(3) 76-80   Mar 2014   [Invited]
Does the Concept of Law Need to Be Revised in the Face of Globalization?
NASU Kosuke
Japanese Yearbook of International Law   57 228-242   2014   [Refereed]
分科会 制度のなかで生きるとはどのような経験か--公共的正当化論の再考に向けて (〈公私〉の再構成)
那須 耕介
法哲学年報   2000 164-172   2000   [Refereed]


The Indeterminacy of Law and the Public Administrative Process-A Paradox of Law in the Modern State-
Hogakuronso Kyoto Law Review   139(4) 34 141/2,45   1996
Ambiguity of the Rule of Law-On Pluralistic View of Legal Thoughts-
Hogakuronso Kyoto Law Review   142(1) 15 143/1,26   1997
The Rule of Law, Scepticism and Belief On Andrew Altman's CRITICAL LEGL STUDiES
Multiculturalism and Legal Order The Annuals of Legal Philosophy 1996   197   1997
The Rule of Law : Its conditions and Significance
Setsunan Hogak (Setsunan Law Review)   (25) 1   2000

Books etc

Transformation in the Contemporary Law
NASU Kosuke (Part:Joint Work, Fallibility and governing of the government)
Yuhikaku   Dec 2013   
平井 亮輔,若松 良樹,服部 高宏,那須 耕介
嵯峨野書院   Nov 2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on possibility,conditions and significance of the Rule of Law
Project Year: 1993