SHIMPO Yoshiaki

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SHIMPO Yoshiaki
Tokyo City University
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences Humanities and Social Science Division
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Ph.D(Tohoku University)
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European History, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Tohoku University
European History, Faculty of Literature, Tohoku University

Published Papers

新保 良明
多元文化 = Transcultural studies   (7) 250-236   2017   [Refereed][Invited]
新保 良明
東京都市大学共通教育部紀要 = Journal of liberal arts and sciences at Tokyo City University   9 17-36   2016
新保 良明
東京都市大学共通教育部紀要 = Journal of liberal arts and sciences at Tokyo City University   8 1-15   2015
Shinpo Yoshiaki
AOYAMA SHIGAKU : Aoyama Historical Review   26 25-47   2008
Shinpo Yoshiaki
AOYAMA SHIGAKU : Aoyama Historical Review   23 189-211   2005
新保 良明
長野工業高等専門学校紀要   0(No.31) 133-140   1997
In this article, we investigate the role of the consilium principis in the Roman Principate. Many scholars said, like J. A. Crook, that it was the emperor that finally decided the verdicts in the imperial court. W. Kunkel, however, denied this the...
新保 良明
長野工業高等専門学校紀要   0(No.30) 139-156   1996
Many scholars thought that the imperial court and the senatorial court in the early Roman Empire were competitive in the jurisdiction of criminal affairs committed by the senators. However, this paper concludes the following : (1) The emperor deci...
新保 良明
長野工業高等専門学校紀要   0(No.19) 129-145   Dec 1988
Many scholars say, like A. v. Premerstein, that Augustus deprived principes of all clientelae and became the sole patronus. One of the bases of their argument is the, emperor's interference in the elections of magistrates. In this article, we inv...


Ancient Roman History

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Bureaucracy in Imperial Rome
Project Year: 2000