Kazuo Tomoyasu

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Kazuo Tomoyasu
Miyakonojo National College of Technology
General Education, General Education
Job title
Doctor of Philosophy(Science)(University of Tsukuba)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2015
Professor, General Education, Miyakonojou National College of Technology
Apr 2009
Mar 2012
A parttime lecturer, Miyazaki University, Faculty of Engineering
Apr 2002
Associate Professor, General Education, Miyakonojo National College of Technology
Apr 2000
Mar 2002
Lecturer, General Education, Miyakonojo National College of technology
Oct 1998
Mar 2000
A parttime lecturer, Yokohama National University, Faculty of Engineering,


Apr 1998
Mar 2000
Division of Mathematics, A research student, Graduate School,, University of Tsukuba,
Apr 1993
Mar 1998
Division of Mathematics, Graduate School,, University of Tsukuba,
Apr 1989
Mar 1993
Division of Mathematics, Faculty of Science,, Ehime University,

Published Papers

Akaike Yuji, Chinen Naotsugu, Tomoyasu Kazuo
Topology and its Applications   158 69-83   2011   [Refereed]
Colorings of periodic homeomorphisms
Akaike Yuji, Chinen Naotsugu, Tomoyasu Kazuo
Bull. Polish Acad. Sci. Math.   57 63-74   2009   [Refereed]
Large inductive dimension of the Smirnov remainder
Akaike Yuji, Chinen Naotsugu, Tomoyasu Kazuo
Houston J. Math.   34 501-510   2008   [Refereed]
Perfectness of the Higson and Smirnov compactifications
Akaike Yuji, Chinen Naotsugu, Tomoyasu Kazuo
Coll. Math.   107 89-98   2007   [Refereed]
Kada Masaru, Tomoyasu Kazuo, Yoshinobu Yasuo
Topology and its Applications   153 3313-3319   2006   [Refereed]


What 16-year-olds are thinking and feeling:The case study on group work for first-year students at National College of Technology
Seiji Takeda, Sachi Miyazawa, Masakazu Onizuka, Kazuo Tomoyasu, Mihoko Suzuki
47 79-86   Jan 2013   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Higson coronas and uniform connectedness
Y. Akaike, N. Chinen and K. Tomoyasu
21 Aug 2011   
How many milies to βX, after all?
M. Kada, K. Tomoyasu and Y. Yoshinobu
20 Dec 2010   
Dimensions of Smirnov remainders controlled by uniform local connectedness
Y. Akaike, N. Chinen, K. Tomoyasu
International conference Japan-Mexico on topology and its Applications   27 Sep 2010   
Colorings of fixed-point free homeomorphisms of finite connected graphs
Y. Akaike, N. Chinen and K. Tomoyasu
7 Oct 2008   
Colorings of periodic homeomorphism
Y. Akaike, N. Chinen and K. Tomoyasu
24 Aug 2008   

Social Contribution

Acceptance of the member of Miyazaki foreign countries training
[Advisor]  Miyazaki Prefecture  Acceptance of the member of Miyazaki foreign countries training  20 Aug 2018 - 15 Mar 2019
The present situation of set-theoretic and geometric topology abd its prospects
[Chief Editor]  Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Kyoto University  16 Oct 2014 - 18 Oct 2014