NAGASE Yoshiki

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NAGASE Yoshiki
Master of Literuature

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, University of Yamanashi Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Cultural Studies Course


Graduate School, Department of English Linguistics, Okayama University
Faculty of Law and Letters, Okayama University

Committee Memberships

English Phonetic Society of Japan  Director


An Introductory Survey of the Diachronic Change of the Stop Epenthesis in English
Journal of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Saga   15 65-116   1983
Accentuation in English
PERSICA   (8) 115-135   1980
A Contrastive Study of the Sound Pattern of Japanese and English by a Dintictive Feature Analysis
University of Saga Studies in English   10 1-17   1982
Henry Sweet on Intonation -The roots of London School of Intonation Studies-
Bulletin of Notre Dame Seishin University   22(1) 60-89   1998
Phonetic and Phonological representation of Rhotacized Vowels in GA
English Phonetics in Education and Related Studies, EPSJ Chubu Journal      2005

Books etc

Fundamentals of English Phonetics
Kenkyusha Publishing Co.   1996   
Intonation of Colloquial English
Nan'un Do Publishing Co.   1994   
Dictionary of Britain
Kenkyusha Publishing Co.   1988   
The Twitter Machine
Eichosha Publishing Co.   1996   
'On Cardinal Vowels' in Phonological Analysis - Theory and Practice
Kaitakusha Ltd.   1996   

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Acoustic Phonetic Analysis of English Intonation