SAITO Tsutomu

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SAITO Tsutomu
National Institutes for the Humanities
National Museum of Japanese History, Research Department Museum Science Division
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SAITO Tsutomu
Integrated Studies of Cultural Research Resources   233-265   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
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SAITO Tsutomu
IMES Discussion Paper   2000(J-1)    Mar 2000   [Refereed]
Experimental study of major and trace element partitioning among olivine, metallic phase and silicate melt using chondrite as starting material: Implication for V-shaped REE patterns of the pallasite meteorites
Tsutomu Saito, Hiroshi Shimizu, Akimasa Masuda
Geochemical Journal   32 159-182   1998   [Refereed]
Chemical study of the Medieval Japanese mochu-sen (bronze coins)
Tsutomu Saito, Teruhiko Takahashi, Yuichi Nishikawa
IMES Discussion Paper   98(E-13)    1998   [Refereed]
A Chemical Study on Body and Glaze of Ceramics
SAITO Tsutomu
International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property - Spectrometric Examination in Conservation -   16-31   1996
Determinations of Ga, In and Tl in standard rock specimens and chondrites by stable isotope dilution
Tsutomu Saito, Hiroshi Shimizu, Akimasa Masuda
Geochemical Journal   21 237-245   1987   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

A Chemical Study on Ancient Japanese and Chinese Coins
SAITO Tsutomu
Fourth International Conference on Beginning of Use of Metals and Alloys   27 May 1998   
Development of New Methods for Provinance Study on Archaeological samples - Lead and Strontium Isotopes - [Invited]
SAITO Tsutomu
The fourth Chinese Archaeometry Symposium   25 Jul 1995   
Developement of new methods for isotope analysis on ancient metal objects - lead isotope and C-14 measurements -
SAITO Tsutomu
Third International conference on beginning of use of metals and alloys (BUMA-3)   1994   
Experimental Determination of REE and Sr partitioning between olivine and silicate melt using chondrite [Invited]
Tsutomu Saito, Hiroshi Shimizu, Akimasa Masuda

Research Grants & Projects

Studies on provenance, manufacturing technique and materials of cultural properties