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Kyoto Notre Dame University
Ph.D in Engineering(Kyoto Institute of Technology)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Lecturer, Kyoto Notre Dame University
-:Nara Women's University, Division of Human Life and Environmental Sciences / Assistant Professor
:National Institute for Physiological Sciences / NIPS Research Fellow

Committee Memberships

The Society of Fiber Science and Technology Japan  
The Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses  
The Japan Society of Home Economics  
The Japan Neuroscience Society  


Effect of pre-treatment by atmospheric pressure plasma jet on inkjet dyeing of wool fabric
Ryoko Yasukawa, Yuri Sakai, Hirohisa Yamada, Keiko Gotoh
Journal of the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan   74(6) 122-132   2018   [Refereed]
The Effectiveness of Practicals in the Teaching Profession for Home Economics Education: The Observation and Study of a Simulated Lesson in a Professional Manner in the Clothing Environment (1)
Noriko Nagaso, Masafumi Harada, Naoko Sano, Ryoko Yasukawa, Miho Yamamoto
Nara Women's University, Journal of Research and Development of Education Systems   12 163-174   2017
Application of atmospheric pressure plasma jet to surface functionalization of natural fiber
Keiko Gotoh, Tomoko Ohi, Ryoko Yasukawa
Journal of the Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan   73(3) 67-74   2017   [Refereed]
Ryoko Yasukawa, Shinya Yoshimoto, Yurika Yoshimura, Tomotaka Nobue, Hisahiro Nishitani, Fumiko Mori, Hiroshi Urakawa
Sen-i Gakkaishi   71(8) 257-263   2015   [Refereed]
Miyoko Kawahito, Ryoko Yasukawa
Materials   2(2) 661-673   2009
Ryoko Yasukawa, Hiroki Higashitani, Hidekazu Yasunaga, Hiroshi Urakawa
Sen-i Gakkaishi   64(5) 113-117   2008   [Refereed]
YASUKAWA Ryoko, Ryoko Yasukawa,Hidekazu Yasunaga, Hiroshi Urakawa
62(11) 263-266   2006   [Refereed]
Color Produced by Natural Indigo (Sukumo)
Miyoko Kawahito, Ryoko Yasukawa
Journal of The Society of International Natural Dyeing   Vol.2(No.1) 15-20   2004   [Refereed]
Miyoko Kawahito, Ryoko Yasukawa, Hiroshi Urakawa, Mitsuo Ueda, Kanji Kajiwara
Sen-i Gakkaishi   59(4) 133-138   2003   [Refereed]
Miyoko Kawahito, Ryoko Yasukawa, Hiroshi Urakawa, Mitsuo Ueda, Kanji Kajiwara
Sen-i Gakkaishi   59(11) 437-442   2003   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Coloration of regenerated keratin fibers utilizing functional pigment
Ryoko Yasukawa, Saya Asano, Hirohisa Yamada, Kazuya Sawada
9th International Conference on Fiber and Polymer Biotechnology (IFPB2016)   Sep 2016   
Evaluation of dyeing property using regenerated wool fiber
Ryoko Yasukawa, Saya Asano, Kazuya Sawada
PACIFICHEM 2015   Dec 2015   
Scientific color difference between Awa natural indigo and synthetic indigo
International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyeing   Sep 2008   
Application of Microwave for Reactive Dye Fixation on Cotton Fabrics
Ryoko Yasukawa, Hiroki Higashitani, Tomoko Hayano, Hidekazu Yasunaga, Hiroshi Urakawa, Yurika Yoshimura, Fumiko Mori
International Symposium in Kyoto on Dyeing and Finishing of Textiles   Dec 2006   
Dyeing("染some")-Relation between Traditional and Science
The 1st Conference of the Kyoto Institute of Technology Aesthetic Innovation Project   Oct 2004   
Fixation of Reactive Dyes on Ink-jet Dyeing
The Advanced Polymeric Materials and Technology Symposium   Oct 2003   
Color Produced by Natural Indigo (Sukumo)
2003 International Natural Dyeing Conference   Aug 2003   
Running of Color (“NIJIMI”) in Cotton Cloth Tie-Dyed with Natural and Synthetic Indigo
International Conference for Inauguration of SOTSEA   Aug 2002   
Characteristics of Natural Indigo Dyeing
The 2002 Sino-Japanese Fiber Symposium   May 2002