Fairbrother Lisa

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Fairbrother Lisa
Sophia University
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Studies
Job title
B.A.(Oxford University), Master of Arts(Chiba University), Doctor of Philosophy(Chiba University)
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Awards & Honors

Sep 2001
Munemasa Tokugawa Prize (The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences)

Published Papers

The management of language and power in intercultural contact situations in Japan
Lisa Fairbrother
International Journal of the Sociology of Language   (232) 59-78   Mar 2015   [Refereed][Invited]
The ‘multiform’ linguistic, sociolinguistic and sociocultural practices of plurilingual employees in European multinationals in Japan
Lisa Fairbrother
The Japanese Journal of Language in Society   18(1) 162-175   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
An overview of evaluation within language management theory
Lisa Fairbrother & Hiroko Aikawa
Language use and language attititude in contact situations. Language management in contact situations Vol.11   11 117-129   Feb 2014
Although the stage of evaluation is the central component of language management theory, determining whether a deviation will become a problem or not and hence whether an adjustment should be made or not, it has been given relatively little attent...
An introduction to comparative interlinguistics
Kimura, Goro Christoph ; Izumi, Kunihisa ; Ichinose, Atsushi ; Fairbrother, Lisa ; Tuchais, Simon
Sophia linguistica : working papers in linguistics   (60) 81-103   Mar 2013
Self-assessment of plurilingual competence by the students of the Faculty of Foreign Studies based on the Common European Framework of Reference
Watanabe, Yoshinori
Bulletin of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University   (47) 211-234   Feb 2013


Does multilingualism cause temper tantrums?
Language on the Move      Jun 2012
This article describes the author's experience of negative attitutudes towards multilingualism in Japan
The issue of assessment in the Department of English Studies: a special case within the Faculty of Foreign Studies.
   Mar 2012
The attainment in pronunciation of language learning with no age of arrival: Explanatory factors and limits of achievement
FAIRBROTHER LISA, C. Sheppard, L. Fairbrother, C. Hayashi & A. Ohmori
Problems noted by Japanese native speakers in interactions with three types of nonnative speakers
Fourth International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese (Poster Session), San Francisco State University, California, USA      Apr 2004

Books etc

Fairbrother Lisa (Part:Joint Editor)
Peter Lang   2018   ISBN:978-3-631-65042-4
The chapters in this volume reflect the variety of methods that researchers have recently applied in their investigations of "behavior toward language", or language management. The innovative methods introduced in the volume will appeal to researc...
Fairbrother Lisa (Part:Joint Work, p.149-171)
De Gruyter Mouton   2018   ISBN:978-1-5015-1553-8
This volume fills an important gap in exploring English in the domains of business and commerce through the prism of sociolinguistics and the sociology of language, as opposed to analyzing business genres or taking a linguodidactic approach. It ex...
Language planning and microlinguistics: From policy to interaction and vice versa : hbk "Language management in the Japanese workplace"
Fairbrother Lisa
Palgrave Macmillan   2015   ISBN:978-1-137-36123-3
Junior Progressive English Dictionary Charming Edition
Fairbrother Lisa (Part:Joint Editor)
Shoukakukan   Dec 2015   ISBN:978-4-09-510798-1

Conference Activities & Talks

Interests and power in Japanese English education policy: A focus on the high schoool 'teaching/learning English in English policy'
Fairbrother, Lisa
The Fifth International Language Management Symposium   13 Sep 2017   
Native-speakerism and nihonjinron in Japanese higher education policy and hiring practices.
Fairbrother, Lisa
25 Jul 2017   
Looking at language policy in education as a process: A language management perspective [Invited]
Fairbrother, Lisa
Sympoisum for CLIL in a plurilingual community of pratice   28 Jan 2017   
Intersecting management
Fairbrother, Lisa
The Fourth International Language Management Symposium   27 Sep 2015   
Preparing Japanese learners of English for study abroad: What's missing?
Fairbrother, Lisa
AILA (International Association of Applied Linguisitcs)   12 Aug 2014