Farrer James

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Farrer James
Sophia University
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Liberal Arts
Job title
Ph.D.(University of Chicago), M.A.(University of Chicago), B.A.(University of North Carolina)
Research funding number


1993-2000 Ethnographic study of youth sexual culture in Shanghai, China
1998-2002 Interview study of extramarital sexual culture in Shanghai, China
2000-2010 Interview study of cross-national courtship in dating in Shanghai,China
2000-2018 Ethnographic study of expatriates in Shanghai
2003-2007 Interview studies of Japanese and Chinese courtship culture
2007-2010 Sociological study of Culinary Contact Zones and Culinary Soft Power
2014-2017 Research on the idea of happiness in China
2015-present Neighborhood foodways in Tokyo
2015-present Globalization of Japanese Restaurant Cuisine

Research Areas


Published Papers

James Farrer
Built Heritage   3(3) 73-85   Sep 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
James Farrer
Jahrbuch für Kulinaristik – The German Journal of Food Studies and Hospitality   2 197-222   Nov 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
James Farrer, Chuanfei Wang, David Wank, Mônica R. de Carvalho, Christian Hess, Lenka Vyletalova
Foods & Food Ingredients Journal Japan   222(3) 257-266   2017   [Invited]
David L. Wank and James Farrer
global-e   10(13)    Feb 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
James Farrer
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Chinese Food Culture      2016   [Invited]

Books etc

Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 127-148)
Lexington/Rowman and Littlefield   Oct 2018   ISBN:978-1-5381-1648-7
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SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China Vol II "Nightlife and the Night-time Economy in Urban China"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 1112-1130)
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Handbook of Asian Migration "Critical Expatriate Studies: Changing expatriate communities in Asia and the blurring boundaries of expatriate identity"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 196-208)
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Feeding Japan: Cultures and Politics of Food Identities "Domesticating the Japanese Culinary Field in Shanghai"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 287-312)
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Copioni Sessuali. Storia, Analisi e Applicazioni "Vita urbana, contestualizzazione e scripting del comportamento sessuale in Cina e in Giappone"[Urban Life, Contextualization and the Scripting of Sexual Conduct in China and Japan]
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 381-399)
Mondadori Milan   Oct 2017   ISBN:8861845444
A Research Agenda for Cities "Urban Foodways: A Research Agenda"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 98-110)
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Introducing the New Sexuality Studies "Foreign-f females: Debating Women’s Transnational Sexualities in China"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 636-646)
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The globalization of Asian cuisines : transnational networks and culinary contact zones "Shanghai’s Western Restaurants as Culinary Contact Zones in a Transnational Culinary Field"
Farrer James (Part:Editor, 103-124)
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Farrer James (Part:Editor, 1-240)
Palgrave Macmillan   Aug 2015   ISBN:9781137522283
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Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia (Routledge handbooks) "Youth and sexuality in China : a century of revolutionary change"
Farrer James
Routledge   Sep 2014   ISBN:978-0-415-63948-4
Wives, husbands, and lovers : marriage and sexuality in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and urban China "Love, sex and commitment : delinking premarital intimacy from marriage in urban China"
Farrer James
Stanford University Press   Jun 2014   ISBN:9780804791847
Multicultural challenges and redefining identity in East Asia "Foreigner Street: Urban Citizenship in Multicultural Shanghai"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 17-44)
Ashgate   Jan 2014   ISBN:978-1-4094-5528-8
Sexual fields : toward a sociology of collective sexual life "Sexless in Shanghai : gendered mobility strategies in a transnational sexual field"
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 143-170)
University of Chicago Press   Dec 2013   ISBN:9780226084992
Globalization, food and social identities in the Pacific Region "Introduction:Food Studies and Global Studies in the Asia Pacific"
Farrer James
Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture   Dec 2010   
Available online <http://icc.fla.sophia.ac.jp/global%20food%20papers/pdf/intro.pdf>
Globalization, food and social identities in the Pacific Region "Eating the West and beating the Rest: culinary Occidentalism and urban soft power in Asia’s global food cities"
Farrer James
Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture   Dec 2010   
A new global culinary geography of high cuisine has developed centered on global cities. This essay traces this development by focusing on the interaction between transnational flows of people and resources and local cultural politics in two of As...
Globalization, food and social identities in the Pacific Region
Farrer James
Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture   Dec 2010   
The papers in this online collection are the outcome of the symposium on "Globalization, food and social identities in the Pacific region" held at Sophia University on Feb. 21-22, 2009. Although the globalization of food production and consumption...
SHANGHAI Histoire, promenades, anthologie et dictionnaire (Bouquins (Paris)) "Un siècle de rèvolution sexuelle"
Farrer James
Robert Laffont   May 2010   ISBN:978-2221110966
Translatd by Nicholas Idier, in Nicholas Idier edited "Shanghai. Histoire, promenades, anthologie et dictionnaire"
China in 2008 : a year of great significance "One Bed, Different Dreams: The Beijing Olympics as seen in Tokyo"
Farrer James
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers   Feb 2009   ISBN:9780742566590
China in 2008: A Year of Great Significance. Edited by Kate Merkel-Hess, Kenneth L. Pomeranz, and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom with Miri Kim (Foreword by Jonathan D. Spence).
Transnational networks : production, marketing and consumption "25 years of sexual revolution in China: Globalization and culture"
Farrer James
Sophia University Press   Sep 2008   ISBN:978-4-324-08507-3
Translated by Hiroyuki Tani. From Sophia Series in Asia Based Global Studies 2, "Globalizing the Pacific Rim: Political Logics, Value Chains, and People's Lives" Edited by Hiroyuki Tani and Linda Grove.
从"性脚本"看中日大学生恋愛関係中的性 A sexual scripts approach to understandings sexual relationships for Chinese and Japanese University Students (in Chinese)
Farrer James
萬有出版社 (Manyou Press)   Dec 2007   
Proceedings of The International Conference on Chinese Sexuality, People’s University, Beijing, June 18, 2007.
Global dynamics : theory and prospect
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work, 59-83)
Sophia University Press   Aug 2007   ISBN:9784324082423
From Sophia Series in Area Based Studies 1, "The dynamism of global society: theory and prospects" edited by Yoshinori Murai, Tadashi Anno, David Wank
Sex and sexuality in China (China in transition, 26) "Sexual Citizenship and the Politics of Sexual Storytelling among Chinese Youth"
Farrer James
Routledge   Jul 2006   ISBN:0415401437
The subcultures reader 2nd ed. "Disco "Super-Culture" : consuming foreign sex in the Chinese disco"
Farrer James
Routledge   Dec 2005   ISBN:0415344158
Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture「“adultery,” “foreign community,” “qi guanyan syndrome,” “virginity and pre-marital sexuality,” “xiaomi phenomenom” 」
Farrer James
Routledge   Nov 2005   ISBN:0415241294
Observing Japan from within : perspectives of foreign scholars resident in Japan "Of Hostesses and Hooligans: Transnational Intimacies in Tashkent and Tokyo"
Farrer James
International Research Center for Japanese Studies   Nov 2004   
Shanghai 2nd ed (Lonely planet city guide)
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work)
Lonely Planet Publishers   Mar 2004   ISBN:1740593081
『中国城市的消费革命』 「在市场转型中起“舞”:上海的舞厅调查」
Farrer James
上海社会科学院出版社   Oct 2003   ISBN:7806812792
Farrer James
University of Chicago Press   Mar 2002   ISBN:0226238717
More and more men and women in China these days are having sex before marriage, creating a new youth sex culture based on romance, leisure, and free choice. The Chinese themselves describe these changes as an "opening up" in response to foreign in...
Social connections in China : institutions, culture, and the changing nature of Guanxi(Structural analysis in the social sciences)"'Idle talk': neighborhood gossip as a medium of social communication in reform era Shanghai"
Farrer James
Cambridge University Press   Jan 2002   ISBN:052181233X
Chinese urban life under reform : the changing social contract(Cambridge modern China series)「Gender and Family」
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work)
Cambridge University Press   Jan 2000   ISBN:0521770858
The consumer revolution in urban China(Studies on China, 22)"Dancing through the market transition : disco and dance hall sociability in Shanghai "
Farrer James (Part:Joint Work)
University of California Press   Jan 2000   ISBN:0520216393


Sophia's Graduate Program in Global Studies — The Outcome of a Long-Term Investment in Diversity
James Farrer
University Current Review   383(11月) 76-81   Nov 2018
A Bitter Pill for Prime Minister Kan
The China Beat      Sep 2010
Available online at The China Beat, http://www.thechinabeat.org/?p=2637
Cosmopolitanism as Virtue: Toward an Ethics of Global City Life
Policy Innovations      Jan 2010
Available at Policy Innovations, http://www.policyinnovations.org/ideas/commentary/data/000166
FARRER JAMES, Devin T. Stewart
Policy Innovations      Jan 2010
Available at Policy Innovations <http://www.policyinnovations.org/ideas/briefings/data/000156?sourceDoc=000016>.

Conference Activities & Talks

Who Owns A Cuisine? The Grassroots Politics of Japanese Food in Europe [Invited]
James Farrer
Have you Eaten Yet? The History and Culture of Food in East Asia   16 Oct 2019   University of San Francisco
Presenting and Publishing in Japan Studies [Invited]
James Farrer and Gracia Liu-Farrer
Conference Studying Japan: The Impact of Transnationalization and Technological Innovation on methods, fieldwork, and research ethics,   24 Jun 2019   Freie University Berlin
Nishiogikubo: towards a multicultural community
James Farrer
1 Jun 2019   
A Migrant Chinese Dream? China’s Inbound Skilled Migration in the Era of Sinocentric Globalization
James Farrer
ICC lecture series   23 May 2019   Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University
Culinary Politics and Urban Foodways in Asia [Invited]
James Farrer
International Conference on Cultural Governance in Asia 2019: Soft Power, Place-(re)making and Civility   10 May 2019   City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Research Grants & Projects

Digital Ethnographic Mapping of Neighborhood Foodscapes in Shanghai and Tokyo
Project Year: 2016 - 2019
Artisanal Ethics and Community Resilience in Tokyo
Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs, Robert J. Myers Fellowship: 
Project Year: 2016 - 2018    Investigator(s): James Farrer
Grassroots Culinary Globalization: Sociological and Historical Study of the Japanese Food Boom
Sophia University: 
Project Year: 2016 - 2018
The Meaning of Happiness in Chinese Society
Georgetown University (USA): 
Project Year: 2013 - 2017
Travelling Cuisines: Culinary Soft Power and Culinary Contact Zones
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: 
Project Year: 2010 - 2014    Investigator(s): James Farrer

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1987
Dec 1987
News reporter, News and Observer
Dec 1987
Apr 1988
News reporter, Mail on Sunday(London)
Jun 1991
Aug 1993
Research Assistant, NORC. University of Chicago
Jun 1994
Dec 1994
Research Assistant, NORC. University of Chicago
Aug 1996
Dec 1996
Teacher, Fudan East West Center