Sugimura Miki

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Sugimura Miki
Sophia University
Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Education
Job title
Master of Education(The University of Tokyo), Doctor of Philosophy(The University of Tokyo)
Research funding number


Nation-States and Educational Policy in Asian countries
1)Education and Minorities in Multi-Ethnic Countries
2)Educational Policies for International Students as Strategies for National Development
3)International Educational Cooperation in Asian Countries and Roles of Japan

International Human Mobiity and Multicultural Societies
International Education Cooperation and Exchange
Methodology of Comparative Education Research

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1999
Mar 2000
Research Fellow, Institute of International Relation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Viet Nam
Apr 2000
Mar 2004
Research Fellow, Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education Hiroshima Univ.
Apr 2004
Mar 2010
Research Fellow, Research Institute for Oriental Cultures, Gakushuin University
Apr 2004
Mar 2005
Oct 2006
Mar 2007
part-time lecturer, University of the Sacred Heart


Apr 1987
Mar 1992
Graduate School, Division of Education, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

May 2005
Mar 2006

Awards & Honors

Jun 2001
Hiratsuka Award, Japan Omparative Education Society

Published Papers

The Role of UNESCO in Cross-border Higher Education for International Student Mobility
(19) 101-121   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
International Migration and "Global Citizenship"
Intercultural education   (42) 30-44   Aug 2015   [Refereed]
The Mobility of International Students and Higher Education Policies in Japan
Miki Sugimura
The Gakushuin Journal of International Studies   (2) 1-19   May 2015   [Invited]
Higher Education Policy and Chinese Higher Education in Malaysia in the Context of Internationalization
The Ritsumeikan journal of international studies   27(4) 875-891   Mar 2015   [Invited]
Roles of Language in Multicultural Education in the Context of Internationalisation
Educational Studeis in Japan: International Yearbook   (9) 3-15   Mar 2015   [Refereed][Invited]


New Perspectives on Internationalisation of Higher Education and the Role of Japanese Higher Education: Where do Japanese Universities by Internationalisation?
Miki Sugimura
(85) 1-8   Apr 2018   [Invited]
Chinese Schools and Globalization: Current Situaion in Japan and Malaysia
SUGIMURA MIKI, Mitsuyo Sakamoto
18-37   Apr 2009
International Students' Policiy as a Higher Education Strategy and Stundets' Exchange between Japan and China (in Chinese and Japanese)
Symposium on International Students' Education between China and Japan   349-354   Sep 2004
Higher Education Policies and International Students in Asian Countries (in Japanese)
Between   (203) 34-35   Apr 2004
Educational Reform in Malaysia under National Integration and Economic Development (in Japanese)
Naigai-Kyoiku   (5471) 2-4   Apr 2004

Books etc

Equity in Excellence: Experiences of East Asian High-Performing Education Systems, "”Rethinking Equality and Equity in Multicultural Education in a Diversified Society: The Case of Language Education for Newcomer Students in Japan"
Sugimura Miki
Springer   2019   
Doing Liberal Arts Education: The Global Case Studies, "Liberal Arts Education and the Jesuit Catholic Mission: The Case of Sophia University, Japan"
Sugimura Miki
Springer   Dec 2018   ISBN:978-981-13-2877-0
Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities: Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context, "Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan: When Identity Is Strengthend by New Understandings of Internationalization"
Sugimura Miki
Brill, Sense   Sep 2018   ISBN:9789004382077
Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities: Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context, "International Cooperation and Globalization in Asia and the Role of Jesuit Universities"
Sugimura Miki
Brill, Sense   Sep 2018   ISBN:9789004382077
The Role of the University with a Focus on University-Community Engagement, "Sustaining Cultural Connectivity Between Internationalization and Localization: The Significane of the Liberal Arts Programme in Higher Education"
Sugimura Miki
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia   2017   ISBN:9789674610982

Conference Activities & Talks

Japanese Policy and Institutional Perspectives on Collaborative Online International Learnng
Kazuhiko Hayashi, Yutaka Maeda and Miki Sugimura
Association of Interntional Educators (NAFSA) 2019   30 May 2019   Association of International Educators (NAFSA) 2019
Below the Surface of Neoliberalism in Higher Education
Jae Park, Hugo Horta, Liu Baocun, Miki Sugimura, Deane Neubaure, Bob Adamson
Annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society 2019   18 Apr 2019   Comparative and International Education Society
The changing landscape of international scholarship programs in the Asia-Pacific: International Scholarship Programs and National Strategies from the East Asian Perspectives
Sugimnura, M.
Asia Pacific International Education Conference 2019   28 Mar 2019   Asia Pacific International Education Conference 2019
Creation and Role of International Higher Education Zone in Asia [Invited]
Sugimura, Miki
2019 China Study Abroad Forum   22 Mar 2019   Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
Equity and Inclusion in Global Citizenship Education in the Era of Migration  [Invited]
Sugimura, M.
Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK) Annual Conference 2019   16 Mar 2019   Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong

Research Grants & Projects

Comparative Study on International Students Moblity and Borderless in Education
Project Year: 2007 - 2009    Investigator(s): Miki SUGIMURA(Sophia Univ)
Multicultural and Multilanguage Education in Schools for Foreigners in Japan: The Case of Chinese Schools in Japan
Project Year: 2007 - 2008    Investigator(s): Miki SUGIMURA
Political and Economical Research in International Cooperation, International Exchange and Linkage for Education
Project Year: 2006 - 2009    Investigator(s): Prof.Kazuo KURODA (Waseda Univ)
Social Change and Educaional Reform in China
Project Year: 2006 - 2008    Investigator(s): Prof.Tetsuro SUWA(Gakushuin Univ)
Study on School Regulations in Higher Education
Project Year: 2006 - 2008    Investigator(s): Prof.Motomi YAJIMA(Sophia Univ)