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Ph.D(Econ.)(Kyoto University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Kokushikan University School of Asia 21, Department of Asia 21
Professor, Nagoya University Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Economics,School of Economics Economic Reseach Center


Development of Japan's East Asian Regional Integration Policy and Problems
The Journal of East Asian Affairs   21(1) 163-193   2007
A Japanese Diplomatic Scientist and Asianism -- An Essay on Dr. Morinosuke Kajima's Pan Asianism
1-16   2007
Development of Japan's East Asian Regional Integration Policy and its Problems
Economic Integration and an East Asian Community
(126)    2005
East Asian Regional Cooperation after the Currency Crisis
Journal of Tokyo Keizai University   233 155-174   2003

Books etc

Co-design for a New East Asia after the Crisis
Tokyo and Belrin: Springer Verlag   2004   
Newly Industrializing Countries after the Crisis (East Asia's Currency and Economic Crisis and a New Financial and Cooperation Order -- A View from Japan)
B.R. Pub, Delhi   2006   
Japan and Singapore in the World Economy: Japan's Economic Advance into Singapore 1870-1965 (Collaboration with Dhil.Hiroshi Shimizu)
London and New York:Routledge   1999   
Desinging an East Asian Community
Development of East Asia and SMEs: Korea and Taiwan in Globalising World


Studies on Industrial Agglomeration and Corporate Linkage in East Asia and Symbiotic Sustainability
2006 - 2010

Research Grants & Projects

Comparative Study of industrial cluster in East Asia
Project Year: 2006 - 2010
an East Asian Community
Project Year: 2004   
SMEs in East Asia
Project Year: 2002 - 2005
Economic Integration in East Asia
Project Year: 2000