MITA Katsumi

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MITA Katsumi
Former Institution / Organization Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Faculty of Health Science and Technology Department of Health Informatics
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Department of Electroengineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University

Committee Memberships

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers  advisor
Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine  councilor


Physiological estimation of ramification number in the muscle spindle terminal of frog.
Journal of Physiological Society of Japan   32 (5): 286-287    1970
Japan Journal of Human Genetics   29 (4): 437-445    1984
Developmental trends of jumping reaction time by means of EMG in mentally retarded children.
Journal of Mental Deficiency Research   29: 137-145    1985
Postural adjustments for jumping reaction movement in mentally retarded children : Findings from EMG patterns.
Journal of Mental Deficiency Research   29: 359-372    1985
Physiological cost index of exercises in cerebral palsy children
Nagoya Journal of Health. Physical Fitness & Sports   10 (1): 31-34    1987

Books etc

Inhibitory phenomenon prior to the rapid voluntary movement in healthy and handicapped subjects.
Biomechanics of Sports & Kinanthropometry. Symposia Specialists   1978   
Premotion silence observed in the contralateral limb.
Biomechanics VI-A. Univ. Park Press   1978   
Analysis of dynamic force during a concetric contraction in human elbow extensors.
Biomechanics VIII-A. Human Kinetics Publishrs   1983   
Variability of electromyogram prior to a rapid voluntary movement in man.
Biomechanics VIII-A. Human Kinetics Publishers   1983   
Analysis of electromyographic silent period prior to a rapid voluntary movement in humans.
Biomechanics IX-A. Human Kinetics Publishers   1985   

Research Grants & Projects

The basis of mechanomyography and its application
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 1995 - 2010
IT system for supporting in-home care
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2000 - 2005