MUKAI Yusuke

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MUKAI Yusuke
Kyoto University
Institute for Research in Humanities

Research Areas



Archaeology, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University
Archaeology, Faculty of Literature, Osaka University

Published Papers

向井 佑介
東方学報 = Journal of Oriental studies   88 81-110   Dec 2013
This paper will consider the Sinification of the Buddhist stupa, which originated in India, through an examination of archaeological findings, iconographic materials and written documents from early Chinese Buddhism. First, I examine how early Chi...
向井 佑介
古代   (129) 177-214   Sep 2012


Book review: HUANG Xiaofen, The Archaeological Site of Luy Lau II, Jiaozhi Province: An Analysis of the Ancient City of the Red River Delta from the Excavations between 2014 and 2015
MUKAI Yusuke
Journal of History   101(6) 127-133   Nov 2018   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Cultural interaction and trade between Hu and Han
MUKAI Yusuke
Social changes and Trade between the east and the west in Eurasia: Archaeological and Archaeometrical approaches   23 Feb 2019   
Roof-tile Production System in Ancient and Medieval China
MUKAI Yusuke
Society for East Asian Archaeology 5th World Conference. Fukuoka   10 Jun 2012   

Research Grants & Projects

Archaeological Study of Medieval China