Nakatsukasa Takashi

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Nakatsukasa Takashi
University of Tsukuba
Center for Computational Sciences
Job title
Ph.D. in science(Kyoto University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2014
Professor, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Aug 2007
Mar 2014
Associate Chief Scientist, Theoretical Nuclear Physics Laboratory, RIKEN Nishina Center
Jan 2004
Jul 2007
Lecturer, Institute of Physics, University of Tsukuba
Jun 2001
Jan 2004
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Tohoku Universitye
Apr 1999
Jun 2001
Special Postdoctoral Researcher, RI Beam Science Laboratory, RIKEN
Nov 1996
Mar 1999
Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology,Manchester, UK
Sep 1994
Oct 1996
Research Associate, TASCC, Chalk River National Laboratory
Apr 1994
Aug 1994
Research Associate, Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University


Apr 1991
Mar 1994
Department of Physics, PhD course, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Apr 1989
Mar 1991
Department of Physics, Master course, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Apr 1985
Mar 1989
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

Committee Memberships

Apr 2019
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University  Steering Committee / Committee
Apr 2018
Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University  Steering Committee / Committee
Apr 2018
KEK  Self assessment committee / Committee
Apr 2017
JCAHPC  Large scale HPC Challenge Review Committee / Vice chair
Apr 2017
KEK  Large simulation research promotion committee / Committee

Published Papers

Systematic study of electric dipole excitations with fully self-consistent Skyrme HF plus RPA calculation from light to medium-mass deformed nuclei
Inakura, Tsunenori;Nakatsukasa, Takashi;Yabana, Kazuhiro
AIP Conference Proccedings   1120 260-264   Jan 2009
We undertake a systematic calculation on electric dipole responses of even-even nuclei for a wide mass region employing a fully self-consistent Hartree-Fock plus RPA approach. For an easy implementation of the fully self-consistent calculation, th...
Time-Dependent Mean-Field Theory in Nuclear and Electronic Systems
Yabana, K.;Kawashita, Y.;Inakura, T.;Nakatsukasa, T.
AIP Conference Proccedings   1200 98-103   Jan 2009
The time-dependent mean-field theory has a long history in describing many-nucleon dynamics in nuclear physics, and is now widely applied to many-electron dynamics in atomic, molecular, and condensed matter physics. We present our recent studies i...
Ni, Fang;Hinohara, Nobuo;Nakatsukasa, Takashi
Physical Review C   98(6) 064327-1-064327-12   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
For a description of large-amplitude collective motion associated with nuclear pairing, requantization of time-dependent mean-field dynamics is performed using the stationary-phase approximation (SPA) to the path integral. We overcome the difficul...
Ni, Fang;Nakatsukasa, Takashi
PHYSICAL REVIEW C   97(4)    Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Wen, Kai;Nakatsukasa, Takashi
JPS Conference Proceedings   23 012024   2018   [Refereed]
Washiyama, Kouhei;Nakatsukasa, Takashi
JPS Conference Proceedings   23 013012   2018   [Refereed]
Baczyk, P.;Dobaczewski, J.;Konieczka, M.;Satula, W.;Nakatsukasa, T.;Sato, K.
PHYSICS LETTERS B   778 178-183   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Washiyama, Kouhei; Nakatsukasa, Takashi
PHYSICAL REVIEW C   96(4)    Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Hirayama, Y.;Mukai, M.;Watanabe, Y. X.;Ahmed, M.;Jeong, S. C.;Jung, H. S.;Kakiguchi, Y.;Kanaya, S.;Kimura, S.;Moon, J. Y.;Nakatsukasa, T.;Oyaizu, M.;Park, J. H.;Schury, P.;Taniguchi, A.;Wada, M.;Washiyama, K.;Watanabe, H.;Miyatake, H.
PHYSICAL REVIEW C   96(1)    Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Wen, Kai;Nakatsukasa, Takashi
PHYSICAL REVIEW C   96(1)    Jul 2017   [Refereed]

Books etc

Energy density functional methods for atomic nuclei
Nakatsukasa, Takashi;Schunck, Nicolas (Part:Contributor, Lage-amplitude collective motion)
Jan 2019   ISBN:9780750314237
中務,孝 (Part:Contributor, 核図表)
朝倉書店   Sep 2015   ISBN:9784254140989
Nakatsukasa,T.;Yabana,K. (Part:Contributor, Time-dependent density functional theories for finite many-fermion systems)
NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, INC   Jan 2007   ISBN:9781600215018

Conference Activities & Talks

Energy density functional approach to nuclear dynamics [Invited]
Nakatsukasa, Takashi
XVII Workshop on Nuclear Physics (WONP2019)   1 Apr 2019   
Dipole response in exotic nuclei [Invited]
Nakatsukasa, Takashi
ECT* workshop on Probing exotic structure of short-lived nuclei by electron scattering   16 Jul 2018   ECT*
Theories of nuclear large amplitude collective motion [Invited]
Nakatsukasa, Takashi
1st APCTP-TRIUMF joint workshop on understanding nuclei from different theoretical approaches   14 Sep 2018   APCTP
Self-consistent determination of nuclear reaction path and clustering [Invited]
Nakatsukasa, Takashi
ECT* workshop on indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics   5 Nov 2018   ECT*
Nuclear structure and reaction with quantum shape fluctuation [Invited]
13th International Conference on nucleus-nucleus collisions (NN2018)   4 Dec 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Nuclear mass and life for unravelling mysteries of r-process
Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science: 
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Dec 2019
Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science: 
Project Year: Oct 2014 - Oct 2014    Investigator(s): Nakatsukasa, Takashi
Building a Universal Nuclear Energy Density Functional
DOE(USA): International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 2006 - 2010    Investigator(s): George F Bertsch
Mean-field approach to collective excitations in unstable medium-mass and heavy nuclei
Japan Society of for the Promotion of Science: International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: Apr 2003 - Mar 2005    Investigator(s): Kenichi Matsuyanagi