OUCHI Shujiro

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OUCHI Shujiro
Kindai University
Faculty of Business Administration
Job title
Associate Professor
Master (Economics)(Kyoto University), Ph. D (Economics)(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Economics, Kyoto University


To Win the Enthusiastic Fan in the Digital Era: The Case of Yo-Ho Brewing Company
OUCHI Shujiro
2018(03)    Mar 2019
OUCHI Shujiro
Study of economic history : keizaishi kenkyu   18 169-179   Jan 2015   [Invited]
OUCHI Shujiro
The quarterly journal of Ritsumeikan University   50(2) 247-257   Sep 2011
Ouchi Shujiro
Journal of business and economics   51(2) 273-288   Dec 2004
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the characteristics of the marketing activities developed by Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. Before World War II. This paper focuses particularly on the sales channel of electric lamps. The distinctive points of To...
Ouchi Shujiro
Journal of business and economics   52(1) 141-158   Jul 2005
This is a book review of; F. Kondo (2004), International Marketing of the Japanese Firms (written in Japanese). This paper is written to serve the following purposes: 1. to summarize the book, and 2. to offer a few comments on its theoretical impl...
Ouchi Shujiro
Journal of business and economics   54(3) 361-377   Mar 2008
Many researchers have been interested in and have analyzed the distribution system of home electric appliances in Japan. However, most of them focus on 1) manufactures' vertical marketing system (Keiretsu channel) in the mid-50s to the mid-70s (th...
髙橋 愛典, 竹田 育広, 大内 秀二郎
商経学叢   58(3) 985-1009   Mar 2012
[概要] 買い物弱者(流通機能や交通網の弱体化とともに, 食料品等の日常の買い物が困難な状況に置かれている人々)は, 日本全国で約600万人にも上るといわれ, その対策が急がれている。本稿では買い物弱者の問題を, まずは交通と流通の代替関係ならびに補完関係から再検討する。ついで, 有力な買い物弱者対策とされながらも, 実態の把握が遅れている移動販売事業について, (株)昭栄鶏卵(奈良県生駒市)の事例を考察する。この事例研究を通じて, 民間小売業者によるビジネスとしての持続可能性を高めていく...
Ouchi Shujiro
Journal of business and economics   51(1) 169-189   Jul 2004
In 1950s, many 'non-electric goods makers' were entering the electric washing machine industry. Above all, Nippondenso Co., Ltd. (ND) had achieved brilliant success since its entry until 1953. However, after 1954, ND lost its market share and fina...
大内 秀二郎
経済論叢   169(1) 36-50   Jan 2002

Books etc

OUCHI Shujiro (Part:Contributor)
Feb 2019   ISBN:9784495649517
STERNQUIST, Brenda (Part:Joint Translation, Strategic International Retail Expansion Extended Model)
Oct 2009   ISBN:4794808143

Conference Activities & Talks

Commodity and Society
OUCHI Shujiro
Socio-Economic History Society   30 May 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Marketing and Consumers' Everyday lives
Project Year: 1997   
Marketing Competition in the Early Stage of Electric Washing Machine Market
Project Year: 1997 - 2006
Project Year: 2004