KATO, Etsuko

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KATO, Etsuko
International Christian University
College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences
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Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 2017
Director in General
Apr 2015
International Christian University College of Liberal Arts, Division of Arts and Science Professor
Apr 2009
Mar 2012
Director, Center for Gender Studies, International Christian University Director in General
Mar 2008
International Christian University, Senior Associate Professor (Cultural Anthropology, Division of Arts and Science)
Apr 2007
Mar 2008
International Christian University, Associate Professor (Cultural Anthropology, Division of International Studies)


Sep 1995
Jun 2001
Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
Apr 1990
Mar 1992
Linguistics, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Keio University
Apr 1984
Mar 1998
English (Linguistics), Department of Letters, Keio University

Committee Memberships

Apr 2012
Executive Member (Liaison Officer)

Published Papers

None of My Business: Young Japanese Migrants in Canada Defying "Global Human Resource (gurobaru jinzai)" Discourse
ISS Research Series   59 77-88   Jul 2016   [Invited]
When a man flies overseas: corporate nationalism, gendered happiness and young Japanese male migrants in Canada and Australia
Asian Anthropology   14(3) 220-234   Jan 2016
Self-searching Migrants: Youth and Adulthood, Work and Holiday in the Lives of Japanese Temporary Residents in Canada and Australia.
KATO, Etsuko
Asian Anthropologyhttp://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/SsSXNcBBJUtqjfkXyra8/full   12(1)    Jun 2013
True Self, True Work: Gendered Searching for Self and Work among Japanese Migrants in Vancouver, Canada
KATO, Etsuko
Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology (Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology)   Volume 11, 2010 47-66   Mar 2011
Can Tea Save Non-warriors and Women?: The Tea Ceremony as an Empowering Public Sphere.
KATO, Etsuko
Internationales Asienforum (Arnolod-Bergstaesse-Institut, Freiberg, Germany)   40(1-2) 143-158   Apr 2009


Kobayashi Fukuko, Akiko Murata, Naoko Yugeta eds. Developing Gender Studies and Education.
Gender History   (13) 136-137   Oct 2017   [Invited]
Self-searching Migrants: Japanese Temporary Residents in Canada in the Age of High Mobility and Self-Reflexivity
KATO, Etsuko
Asia Pacific Memo (Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, Canada, Online)   (94)    Jul 2011
Book Review: "Making Japanese Heritage," Edited by Christoph Brumann and Rupert Cox. Routledge, 2009.
KATO, Etsuko
Pacific Affairs (Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia, Canada, Online)   84(1)    Mar 2011
Website- and Mass Media-Based Networking and Care for/by Japanese Speakers Overseas: The Case of Peer Net in Vancouver, Canada
KATO, Etsuko
Psyche and Culture (Japanese Society of Transcultural Psychiatry)   10(1) 74-80   Feb 2011
Book Review: "Politics and Pitfalls of Japan Ethnography: Reflexivity, Responsibility, and Anthropological Ethics," Edited by Jennifer E. Robertson. Routledge, 2009.
KATO, Etsuko
Social Science Japan Journal (Oxford University Press)   13(1) 159-162   Mar 2010

Books etc

How Do Liberal Arts Face with Disasters and Reconstruction?
KATO, Etsuko, YAMAGUCHI, Tomiko (Mutsuko Murakami, Masayuki Nishida, Etsuko Kato, Takashi Nishio, Sawa Omori, Yuki Hagiwara, Tomiko Yamaguchi, Yoichiro Murakami) (Part:Joint Editor)
Fuko-sha   Apr 2016   
Who Are Global Human Resources?: On the meaning of overseas experiences of young Japanese
KATO, Etsuko, KUKIMOTO, Shingo (Part:Joint Work)
Seikyu-sha   Mar 2016   
"On Representations of 'Japanese Women': 'Feminine Japan' in the writings of feminist anthropologists in English-speaking world." In How Japan Is Told: Anthropological Japanese Studies Overseas.
KUWAYAMA, Takami ed. (Part:Contributor)
Mar 2016   
"Loyalty to Self or Loyalty to State-Corporation?: Discourses of Japan surrounding 'Feminine' Self-searching Migrants and 'Masculine' Global Human Resources. Book title TBA. Edited by Jijiao Zhang (in preparation).
Springer   2015   
"Jibun-sagashi no imin-tachi: Canada, Vancouver, samayou nippon-no wakamono" (Immigrants searching for self: Wondering young Japanese in Vancouver, Canada) In Japanese.
KATO, Etsuko
Sairyu-sha   Oct 2009   

Conference Activities & Talks

Panel Organizer: Center and Periphery of Anthropological Studies of Japan
Anthropology of Japan in Japan, Spring Meeting   18 Apr 2016   Anthropology of Japan in Japan
Indefinitely “Young”: Japanese Self-searching Migrants and Subjective Definition of Youth
Association for Asian Studies, Annual Conference   2 Apr 2016   
From East to West, and Back? : Japanese Self-searching Migrants in the Asia-Pacific Context
Mobilities and Temporarities: Rethinking Migrant Trajectories and Transnational Lifestyle in the Asian Context   26 Feb 2016   Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
For Men? For Women?: The Tea Ceremony from the Warring States Period to Today
24 Jan 2016   
<Men><Women><Other (specify)_>: Gender Categorization of Post-Colonial Japan
Concept of Gender, Valid or Not?: Reconsidering from the Field of Anthropology of Japan   14 Nov 2015   お茶の水女子大学ジェンダー研究所

Research Grants & Projects

Can Young Japanese Be "Asian"?: How English-speaking Asia affects self-views of outbound Japanese
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2019
Towards the Society that Enhances "Overseas-Bound" Youth: Self-Work Searching in the Age of Globalization
Project Year: 2011 - 2014    Investigator(s): Etsuko Kato
A Comprehensive Analysis of Overseas Anthropological Studies of Japan
Project Year: 2010 - 2014    Investigator(s): Takami Kuwayama
Self-recognition, World Views and Mental Health of Young Japanese Sojourners in Vancouver, Canada.
Canada-Asia-Pacific Awards, Governmenet of Canada: 
Project Year: 2008 - 2009


Oct 2013
Co-organizer, Anthropology of Japan in Japan 2013 Conference at International Christian University (国際基督教大学献学60周年記念イベントを兼ねる)