RAI Takayuki

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RAI Takayuki
Kunitachi College of Music
B. A.(Toho School of Music (Music College))


Takayuki RAI was born in Tokyo in 1954. He studied composition with Yoshiro Irino in Japan and Helmut Lachenmann in Germany, and computer music with Paul Berg at the Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands. He worked at the Institute of Sonology as a guest composer in the 1980s. Since 1991 he has been teaching computer music and composition at the Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, and since 2006 at the Lancaster University in The United Kingdom.
In 1981 he started practicing real-time sound synthesis techniques using some of computer languages including Assemblers, and from the middle of the 1980s working on interactive computer music with real-time signal processing technique. Since 1991 he has realized a series of pieces for instrument(s) and live computer electronic system, initially using Max for ISPW (IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation) on NeXT computers in the 1990s, and after 2000, Max/MSP, running on Macintosh computers. He is also involved in the development of Max/MSP plug-in software 'DIPS' (Digital Image Processing with Sound) for the creation of interactive multimedia art. He is supervising this project since 2000. His works have been selected at numerous international competitions, including the Gaudeamus Competition of Composition, the ISCM World Music Days, and the International Computer Music Conference. He also won the premier award at 13th International Electroacoustic Music Competition Bourges in France, the Irino Composition Prize in Japan, and 1st prize at the NEWCOMP International Computer Music Competition in USA. In 1991 he received the ICMA (International Computer Music Association) Commission Award.

Some of his scores are published by DONEMUS in The Netherlands and recordings of his works are included in various CDs released by such as Wergo, le Chant de Monde, CENTAUR, FONTEC and Digital Art Creation.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jan 2006
Sep 2013
Senior Lecturer/Reader, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Lancaster University
Professor, Kunitachi College of Music
visiting Lecturer, Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music
Associate Professor, Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music
- Guest Lecturer at the Sonology Department,


Composition, Music Faculty, Toho School of Music (Music College)
the Institute of Sonology, University of Utrecht

Awards & Honors

Irino Prize (Composition)
Mixed Electroacoustic Music Prize at the 13th International Electroacoustic Music Competition Bourges
the International Computer Music Association Commision Award


History of Computer Music
Information Processing Society of Japan   2004-MUS-54, pp. 61    2004
Creation of interactive computer music and its post-production
Information Processing Society of Japan   2002-MUS-48, pp. 7-13    2002
DIPS for Linux and Mac OS X (Jointly worked)
Proceedings, International Computer Music Conference 2002, Gothenburg, Sweden   pp. 317-320    2002
DIPS: the real-time digital image processing objects for Max environment (Jointly worked)
Proceedings, International Computer Music Conference 2000, Berlin Germany   pp. 284-287    2000
Working with computers
Computer and Music World published by Kyoritsu Shuppan, Japan   pp. 453-462    1998

Books etc

Style for string quartet (Score Publication)
DONEMUS, The Netherlands   1991   
Broken White for 8 instruments (Score Publication)
DONEMUS, The Netherlands   1990   
Sparkle for bass cl. and tape (Score Publication)
DONEMUS, The Netherlands   1989   
Recursive Figuration for 6 cellos (Score Publication)
DONEMUS, The Netherlands   1987   
Friction for alto fl., cl., pf. and harp (Score Publication)
DONEMUS, The Netherlands   1986   


Impulse for percussion and computer (multimedia performance) Concert: SonicArt 2004 Soloist Series-II, Tokyo
Artistic Activity   2004
Guest curator, Computer Music Journal (Vol.28. Winter 2004)
Artistic Activity   2004
Facade for guitar and computer Concert: International Gaudeamus Music Week, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Artistic Activity   2004
Lucent Aquarelle for harp and computer Transparency for harp and tape Concert: SonicArt 2004 Soloist Series-I, Tokyo
Artistic Activity   2004
Lucent Aquarelle for harp and computer Transparency for harp and tape Concert: June in Buffalo Festival, Buffalo, USA
Artistic Activity   2004

Research Grants & Projects

computer music
Project Year: 1980   
interactive multimedia art
IPA Advanced nformation Technology Program
Project Year: 1999