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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Lecturer, Former Institution / Organization Ibaraki University College of Science Department of Science Course of Earth Sciences

Awards & Honors

2004 Book of the Year, Encyclopaedia Britannica


Equation of state of chromian spinel to 10 GPa at 300 K
Matsukage K.N., Ono S.
KEK Experimental Report, 2006      2007
Equation of state of natural apatite to 7 GPa at 300 K.
Matsukage K.N., Ono S.
KEK Experimental Report, 2003      2004
Direct Observation of Supercritical Behavior Between H2O and Magmas.
Kawamoto T., Matsukage K., Nishimura K., Isshiki M., Ishimatsu N.
SPring-8 Experimental Reports      2002
Mode of occurrence of plagioclase-rich segregation in Horoman peridotite
Matsukage K. and S. Arai
The Science Reports of Kanazawa Univ   41(1) 47-67   1996
Nishihara, Y., D. Tinker, T. Kawazoe, Y. Xu, Z. Jing, K.N. Matsukage and S. Karato
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors   170(3-4) 156-169   2008

Conference Activities & Talks

Significance of mantle/melt interaction beneath the mid-ocean ridge
International symposium on deep sea research in subduction zone, spreading center and backarc basins   1996   
Melting of dry peridotites KLB-1 revisited; precise determination of phase relations and composition of solids
AGU fall meeting 2000   2000   
Two contrasting melting styles of mantle peridotite in the northern Oman ophiolite: An indication of a switch of tectonic setting
4th International Workshop on Orogenic Lherzolites and Mantle Peridotites   2002   
Seismological signature of chemical differentiation of Earth’s upper mantle
AGU fall meeting 2004   2004   
Density of hydrous silicate melt at the conditions of Earth’s deep upper mantle
HPMPS7   2007   

Research Grants & Projects

Density of shilicate melt at high pressure and high temperature
Project Year: 2004   
Seismonlogical signature of chemical differentiation of Earth's upper mantle
Project Year: 2004 - 2005