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Waseda University
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Lingae Francae in Diplomatic Relations between Russia and Qing
Shimane Journal of North East Asian Research, Special Issue   (3) 147-162   Sep 2017
SUGIYAMA Kiyohiko, Daishin teikoku no keisei to hakki-sei [The Formation of the Qing Empire and the Eight Banner System]
Manzokushi Kenkyū (Journal of Manchu and Qing Studies)   (14) 37-52   Dec 2015
The Qing's state caravans to Kiakhta composed of "bederge" Muslim merchants
Shiteki   (36) 232-253   Dec 2014
Prof. Wang Chung-han and his research on Chi'ing history
Tōhōgaku (Eastern Studies)   (128) 160-168   Jul 2014   [Refereed]
Relocation of Oyirad Groups to Manchuria and Hulun Buir
Senri Ethnological Studies (Oirad Pepole: Cultural Uniformity and Diversification. Edited by I. Lkhagvasuren, Yuki Konagaya)   (86) 89-101   Feb 2014

Books etc

小松久男、荒川正晴、岡洋樹 (Part:Contributor)
山川出版社   Apr 2018   ISBN:978-4-634-64087-0
ボルジギン・ブレンサイン (Part:Contributor)
Jul 2015   ISBN:978-4-7503-4223-8
白文煜 (Part:Contributor)
遼寧民族出版社   Jul 2015   ISBN:978-7-5497-1075-1
中央民族大学出版社   Aug 2013   ISBN:978-7-5660-0476-5
内国史院档 天聡五年Ⅱ
東洋文庫東北アジア研究班(編) (Part:Joint Translation)
東洋文庫   Mar 2013   ISBN:978-4-8097-0275-4

Conference Activities & Talks

Международный акт 1792 года как источник консульской юрисдикции [Invited]
Акира Янагисава
Кяхта: история, наследие и современность   14 Sep 2018   ГАУК РБ «Кяхтинский краеведческий музей им. акадимика А. В. Обручева»
Čing ulus bolun oros-un qarilčaүan-du qolbuүdaqu mongүul bičig [Invited]
Yanagisawa Akira
Töb-ün ündüsten-ü yeke surүaүuli-yin qoyaduүar udaүan-u mongүul surbulǰi bičig sudulul-un olan ulus-un erdem sinǰilgen-ü qural   4 Nov 2017   Töb-ün ündüsten-ü yeke surүaүuli-yin mongүul kele udq-a ǰokiyal-un salburi
十八世紀土爾扈特部派往西蔵的三個使団 [Invited]
柳澤 明
International academic symposium "The changes of political developments of the Qing dynasty"   17 Jun 2017   The Center of Historical Geographical Studies of Fudan University
清代中俄外交中満文所占的地位 [Invited]
柳澤 明
北京市社会科学院満学研究所学術講座   15 Mar 2017   北京市社会科学院満学研究所
The three Kalmyk embassies to Tibet in 18th century and Qing's reaction to them
Akira Yanagisawa
The Nature of Inner- and East Asian Polities and Inter-polity Relations in the 18th and 19th centuries, focusing on Qing-Tibetan-Mongol relations; Perspectives from Contemporary Sources   6 Mar 2017   Institute of Central Eurasian History and Culture, Waseda University, co-hosted by Kreddha

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A Comparative Study of Honor, Loyalty and Patriotism in 18th and 19th Centuries from the Viewpoint of Military History
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
Using a comparative frame, our project team researched the characteristics of the military ethos of warriors from Japan, China, the Ottoman empire,Germany, and France in what is called the “modern transitional period”(18th and 19th centuries). We ...
Study on the social reorganization and symbiotic relations in the past and present of Northeast Asia
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2015
The study shows that, before the beginning of the 20th century, verious ethnic groups' movement including the Chinese to Mongolia, the Mongols between Inner and Outer Mongolia and the Kazakhs into Mongolia were observed and that the Qing's policy ...
Study of the trade route and system in the North Asia and the North East Asia between the 18th century and the 19th century
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2013
In this study, we performed the field work of the following routes ; trade road between China and Mongolia,trade road from Amur to Sakhalin,trade road between northern Manchurian and Inner Mongolia,trade road in Sichuan and Uygur . As a result, we...
A study on tribute and regulated trade from 14th to early 20th century and transformation of world order in East Asia
This research dealing with tribute and trade in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia from 14th century to early 20th century aims to give clear understandings of tribute and trade system, and discusses the process of its transformation. We...
Examination of relationship anti-Japanese movement and historical structure in North-east China
Made clear points were as follows (1) Structure of the antagonistic relationship Chinese who moved to North-east China and Mongolian who were exposed to danger of the loss of their vested rights by moved Chinese. (2) Japan advocated preserving Mon...