HONDA, Masaaki

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HONDA, Masaaki
Waseda University
Faculty of Sport Sciences School of Sport and Sciences
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Awards & Honors

Oct 2004
BEST PAPER AWARD - APPLICATION, 2003 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

Published Papers

Production of Various Vocal Cord Vibrations using a Mechanical Model for an Anthropomorphic Talking Robot
Fukui K., Ishikawa Y., Shintaku E., Honda M., and Takanishi A.
Advanced Robotics   26 105-120   Jan 2012
音声研究   14(2) 57-64   Aug 2010
The influence of time-scale changes in movement on mental images and prediction
Uchida Y, Honda M.
The inaugural international academy of sportology - english monograph      2010
Assessment of visual function by a new quantitative method of dynamic visual acuity
Uchida, Y., Kudoh, D., Honda, M
Human Performance Measurement   7 1-6   2010
Production of various voice qualities using mechanical vocal code model
Honda, M., Fukui, K., Shintaku, E.,Ishikawa, Y., Sakakibara, N., Mukaeda, Y., Takanshi, A.,
roceeding of the 1st Int. Workshop on Dynamic Modeling of the Oral, Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Complex for Biomedical Applications   97-100   2009

Books etc

Handbok of Signal Processing in Acoustics
Masaaki Honda
Springer   Feb 2009   ISBN:978-0-387-77698-9
Advances in Speech Signal Processing
Masaaki Honda
Marcel Dekker Inc.   1992   

Conference Activities & Talks

日本音響学会2010 年春季秋季研究発表会講演論文集
Mar 2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on speech motor control mechanism based on modified auditory feedback
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
This research is aiming for investigating human speech production and acquisition mechanism, For this purpose, we examined speech dynamic features in speech production and perception based on the modified auditory feedback paradigm. We constructed...
Project Year: 2010 - 2012
In this research, we investigate mechanism of pathological voice generation by means of mechanical speech production model. For this purpose, we develop a mechanical vocal cord model mimicking geometrical shape of pathological vocal cords and its ...
Project Year: 2007 - 2010
The research project was aiming to clarify quantitatively speech production process and its control strategy by using a mechanical speech production model (Talking ROBOT) which is mimicking the human mechanism. We realized to reproduce speech soun...
Project Year: 2006 - 2009
A scheme for communicative prosody generation was proposed to synthesize speech needed for conversational purposes. Using the correlation between communicative prosody and impression attributes of lexicons constituting output, the proposed scheme ...
Project Year: 2005 - 2007
In this study, we examined a framework of communication systems that interact with users spontaneously so as to cope with practical dialogue environments. While conventional spoken dialogue systems aimed to efficiently achieve specific speech-dial...


2008-216486 : 音楽再生システム
白井 克彦, 彦坂 健太郎, 谷口 徹, 誉田 雅彰, 久保 陽太郎
2006-317878 : 人工声帯、声帯駆動機構、発声装置及びロボット
新宅 英滋, 高田 健太郎, 高西 淳夫, 誉田 雅彰, 西川 員史, 池尾 俊輔
2005- 31158 : 舌体形状をモデル化する方法及びその装置、並びにそのモデル化する方法を用いた音響シミュレーション方法及びその装置
高西 淳夫, 誉田 雅彰, 高信 英明, 西川 員史, 小河原 隆行, 桑江 俊治
2004-333655 : 発声装置およびこれに用いられる声帯駆動機構、口唇駆動機構、舌駆動機構
高西 淳夫, 誉田 雅彰, 高信 英明, 西川 員史, 小河原 隆行, 池尾 俊輔, 藤田 愛