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法学セミナー/日本評論社   727号 119頁    Aug 2015
『企業法の現代的課題(正井章筰先生古稀祝賀)』 /成文堂   391-416頁    Jul 2015
法学セミナー/日本評論社   725号 119頁    Jun 2015
法学セミナー/日本評論社   723号 135頁    Apr 2015
フランス企業法判例研究:株主の書面質問に対する会社の回答義務の範囲 SA Wendel 事件(Paris 控訴院2013年12月19日)
国際商事法務/国際商事法研究所   43巻 3号 406-412頁    Mar 2015

Books etc

鳥山恭一・高田晴仁編著 『新・判例ハンドブック 商法総則・商行為法・手形法』
日本評論社   Aug 2015   ISBN:978-4-535-00825-0
鳥山恭一・福原紀彦・甘利公人・山本爲三郎・布井千博 『会社法』 第2次改訂版
学陽書房   Apr 2015   ISBN:978-4-313-31368-2
鳥山恭一・福島洋尚編 『平成26年会社法改正の分析と展望』 金融・商事判例 増刊 1461号
経済法令研究会   Mar 2015   
鳥山恭一・高田晴仁編著 『新・判例ハンドブック 会社法』
日本評論社   Apr 2014   ISBN:978-4-535-00824-3
鳥山恭一・福原紀彦・甘利公人・山本爲三郎・布井千博 『会社法』 新訂版
学陽書房   Jun 2006   ISBN:4-313-31348-6

Research Grants & Projects

Regulation of Insider Trading in France and in EU
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2018
Regulation of Insider Trading of EU is, as a part of the Market Abuse Regulation, instituted by the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 on market abuse and the Directive 2014/57/EU of 16 April 2014 on criminal sanctions for market abuse. ...
Project Year: 2007 - 2009
The purposes of this research were to study the status quo of the market which is dominated by a few powerful industries and also to study how the legal control by Business Act and Antitrust Act should be applied.
The conclusions of this research ...
Evolution on French and European Takeover Rules
I studied French and European Takeover Rules, focusing on motives and directions of their evolution. In France, the Authority of Financial Market has adopted the policy not allowing the defenisve measures taken by the target company. It is notewor...
Reforems of French Company Law : tendency and objectives
I've studied the following french legislations concerning the company law and the capital market law in France.Loi n^o 2003-706 du 1^<er> aout 2003 de securite financieres.Loi n^o 2003-721 du 1^<er> aout 2003 pour l'initiative economique.Ordonnanc...
French Company Law and Corporate Governance
I've studied the following french legislations concerning the corporate governance system in France.Ordonnance n^0 2000-912 du 18 septembre 2000 relative a la partie Legislative du Code de commerce.Ordonnance n^0 2000-1223 du 14 decembre 2000 rela...