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PhD(University of Tokyo)


I have been studying plant embryogenesis: generation of a multicellular body from a single embryonic cell. This requires the spatially and temporary coordinated acquisition of different cell identities. Arabidopsis embryo is a good model to study the process of stem cell specification. Using advanced imaging and microscopy techniques, I and my collaborators have established a method to visualize/analyze Arabidopsis embryo in 4D. I have been analyzing the embryos at very early stages, with a focus on embryonic root formation, using a combination of genetic and modelling tools. In my future career I would like to extend my research to study the formation of several other complex tissues in Arabidopsis embryo as well as other plant species. I believe a combination of 4D imaging techniques, genetics and analysis of mechanical aspects of growth via computational modelling, is the key to answering the most important questions in plant development.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Adibi M, Yoshida S, Weijers D, Fleck C
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Books etc

Auxin and its Role in Plant Development
Alejandra Freire Rios, Saiko Yoshida, Dolf Weijers, (Part:Contributor, Auxin regulation on embryogenesis, p171-189)
Springer   2014