Naya Masatsugu

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Naya Masatsugu
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1997-1999 Internntional Center of Japanese Culture, Preventive Diplomacy and Crisis management
2003-2004 JIIA, Nonprooliferation of WMDs
2008-2011 The Institute of PHP, Japan's New Grand Strategy
2011-2012 JIIA, Newly Rising powers and Global Governance
2012-2013 JIIA, On security Order in the Asia-Pacific Region
2014- SIIR, Governance in Asia-Pacifc,2020

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Sophia University Faculty of Global Studies, Department of Global Studies

Published Papers

Disarmament and governance system in the post-cold war era
Masatsugu Naya
The Journal of international law and diplomacy   111(3) 43-65   Nov 2012
The end of the post-cold war period
Masatsugu Naya
Asteion   (70) 8-26   Nov 2009
Liberalism and international order
Masatsugu Naya
The Hitotsubashi review   125(4) 55-72   Apr 2001

Books etc

Sadako Ogata Memoir,Inquiry and Document
Naya Masatsugu (Part:Joint Editor)
Iwanami Shoten   Sep 2015   ISBN:9784000610674
Looking back Ms. Sadako Ogata's rich and divers career, from her childhood, researcher in the university, Japanese Envoi to the UN, High Commissioner of the UNHCR, to the president of the JICA. Portray her unique view of humans, international comm...
Introduction to international political economy
Naya Masatsugu (Part:Joint Work, 61-123)
Yuhikaku   Oct 2007   ISBN:9784641123335
International conflicts and preventive diplomacy
Naya Masatsugu
Yuhikaku   May 2003   ISBN:4-641-07670-7
Security studies
Naya Masatsugu (Part:Joint Work, 1-14,82-114)
Keiso Shobo   Sep 1999   ISBN:4-326-30132-5
Gevernance and Japan
Naya Masatsugu (Part:Joint Work, 3-22,191-228)
Keiso Shobo   Oct 1997   ISBN:4-326-30114-7

Conference Activities & Talks

International System and the Economic Basis of Obama Diplomacy
Masatsugu Naya
Diplomatic Strategy of the Obama Administration(Session 12)   27 Oct 2013   Japan Association of International Relations
Despite the prevairing view of the U.S.decline, the presentation argues the peculier resilience of the population stracture, industrial and financial system of the United States. It empirically attributes difficulties of Obama Administration's fo...