Yoichi Motoyoshi

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Yoichi Motoyoshi
National Institute of Polar Research

Research Areas


Published Papers

Mineral chronology of phlogopite-bearing pyroxene granulite and felsic gneiss, Howard Hills, Enderby Land, East Antarctica
Miyamoto, T., Yoshimura, Y., Dunkley, D.J., Motoyoshi, Y. and Carson, C.J.
Polar Geoscience   19, 152-172   2006   [Refereed]
Granulites from Cape Hinode in the amphibolite-facies eastern part of Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica: New evidence for allochothonous block
Hiroi, Y., Motoyoshi, Y., Satish-Kumar, M., Kagashima, S., Suda, Y. and Ishikawa, N.
Polar Geoscience   19, 89-108   2006   [Refereed]
Geology of Byobu Rock and Gobannme Rock, Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica
Satish-Kumar, M., Kagashima, S., Suda, Y. and Motoyoshi, Y.
Polar Geoscience   19, 1-36   2006   [Refereed]
Electron microprobe (EMP) dating on monazite from Forefinger Point granulites, East Antarctica: Implication for the Pan-African overprint
Motoyoshi, Y., Hokada, T. and Shiraishi, K.
Antarctica: Contributions to Global Earth Sciences   63-68   2005   [Refereed]
Occurrences of metamorphosed ultramafic rock and associating rocks in Howard Hills, Enderby Land, East Antarctica: Evidence of partial melting from geochemical and isotopic characteristics.
Miyamoto, T., Yoshimura, Y., Sato, K., Motoyoshi, Y., Dunkley, D.J., Carson, C.J.
Polar Geoscience   17, 88-111   2004   [Refereed]


Fe-Ti oxide minerals in the Horoman plutonic complex of the Hidaka metamorphic belt, Hokkaido
Motoyoshi, Y.
Journal of Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University   20, 87-94   1981
Magmatism in the Main Zone of the Hidaka metamorphic belt, Hokkaido
Maeda, J., Motoyoshi, Y. and Takahashi, T.
Tectonics of Paired Metamorphic Belt   19-24   1981
Geological Map of Strandnibba, Antarctica
Motoyoshi, Y., Matsubara, S., Matsumoto, Y., Moriwaki, K., Yanai, K. and Yoshida, Y.
Antarctic Geological Map Series, Sheet 26 (with explanatory text)   18   1985
Low pressure granulite metamorphism in the Bolingen Islands, East Antarctic
Thost, D.E., Motoyoshi, Y. and Hensen, B.J.
Terra Cognita   8   1988
Arrested charnockite formation in Sri Lanka: Field and petrographical evidence for low-pressure conditions
Hiroi, Y., Asami, M., Cooray, P.G., Fernando, M.R.D., Jayatileke, J.M.S., Kagami, H., Mathavan, V., Matsueda, H., Motoyoshi, Y., Ogo, Y., Osanai, Y., Owada, M., Perera, L.R.K., Prame, K.B.N., Ranasinghe, N.S., Shiraishi, K., Vitanage, P.W. and Yoshida, M.
Study of Geologic Correlation between Sri Lanka and Antarctica, ed. by Y. Hiroi and Y. Motoyoshi   1-18   1990

Conference Activities & Talks

Corundum replacing Al2SiO5 minerals in the vicinity of quartz in both high-pressure and high-temperature metamorphic rocks: Evidence for brief partial melting during exhumation
Hiroi, Y., Motoyoshi,Y. and Wallis, S.
International Mineralogical Association, Kobe   2006   
Paleomagnetic results from rocks at Cape Hinode in the Prince Olav Coast area, East Antarctica
Ishikawa, N., Motoyoshi,Y., Hiroi, Y., Satish-Kumar, M., Kagashima, S. and Suda,Y.
The 26th Symposium on Polar Geosciences   2006   
Time tracks of cooling after UHT metamorphism in Howard Hills, Napier Complex, East Antarctica
Miyamoto, T., Yoshimura, Y., Sato, K., Dunkley,D.J., Motoyoshi,Y. and Carson, C.J.
International Mineralogical Association, Kobe   2006   
Constraints on peak metamorphic temperature and halogen content from marbles in Skallevikshalsen, East Antarctica
Mizouchi, H., Satish-Kumar, M., Tsunogae, T., and Motoyoshi,Y.
The 26th Symposium on Polar Geosciences   2006   
EMP dating on monazite from the western Rayner Complex, East Antarctica: Implications for the metamorphic evolution
Motoyoshi,Y., Hiroi, Y., Hokada,T. and Shiraishi,K.
International Mineralogical Association, Kobe   2006