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Yoshito Yamamoto, Takeshi Shibuya, Kiyoshi Hirano, Kazumasa Shindo, Hideto Mashiyama, Tamotsu Fujisawa, Michinaga Nakamura, Yoshiro Tozawa, Hirotake Miyaji, Seiji Nakao, Yasuko Togamura
Grassland Science   60 69-75   Jan 2014
Radioactive cesium (Cs) concentration of vegetation and soil was monitored in grasslands in seven farms located at a distance ranging from 90 to 180 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant during seven months following the reactor meltdown in Ma...
Yamamoto Yoshito, Hirano Kiyoshi, Kitagawa Miya, Nakano Miwa, Nishida Tomoko
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   57(4) 197-200   Jan 2012
We studied the vegetation of centipedegrass, Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro) Hack., in an abandoned pasture. The coverage of centipedegrass extended under grazing condition after 2002 when 2 kg/10a seeds were sown ; and reached over 90% in 2004. Ho...
Yamamoto Yoshito, Deguchi Yoshitaka, Tsukada Hideharu, Sato Shusuke, Kitagawa Miya, Nishida Tomoko, Terada Yutaka, Matoba Kazuhiro, Ikeda Kentaro, Sato Shin, Hirano Kiyoshi
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   56(2) 137-143   Jul 2010
We studied the vegetation, dry matter production and consumption of the established pastures for gathering cattle, which were composed of temperate pasture plants, in a vast forest grazing land. The coverage of the pasture plants was higher in the...
Yoshito Yamamoto
Grassland Science   55 36-40   Aug 2009
This study investigated the movement of coumarin, an allelopathic compound, from the plant residue of sweet vernalgrass (Anthoxanthum odoratum L.) to soil, as well as the dynamics of coumarin in soil. The level of coumarin dissolved from sweet ver...
Yamamoto Yoshito, Kitagawa Miya, Nishida Tomoko
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   54(1) 7-11   Apr 2008
It is known that the perennial temperate grasses are difficult to establish in the grazing paddy field because of wetland condition. We attempted to introduce the pasture with a combination of Echinochloa utilis and Lolium multiflorum -annual gras...


Yamamoto Yoshito
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   59(1) 38-40   Apr 2013
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   47(4) 422-423   Oct 2001
Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science   47(4) 424-429   Oct 2001