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Doctor of Engineering(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering
 Researcher,Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Aerospace Company
 Professor,Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering,Faculty of Engineering,Kyushu Institute of Technology


Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University

Committee Memberships

 Japan Aerospace Technology Foundation (General Icorprated Association) Study and Research Committee of System Technology for Reusable Rocket: Member(1998-1999)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  Fellow Award Reviewer


Flight Test of a Winged Space Vehicle
Nagatomo M.,Abe T.,Inatani Y.,Kawaguchi J. Yonemoto K.
Journal of Space Technology and Science   4(2) 1-10   1988
Aerodynamic Design of Winged Space Vehicle
Inatani,Y.,and Yonemoto,K.
Proceedings of 16th ISTS (International Symposium Space Technology and Science)   1555-1562   1988
Wind Tunnel Verification of Attitude Control Characteristics of a Winged Space Vehicle
Yonemoto,K.,Kawaguchi,J.,and Inatani,Y.
Proceedings of 16th ISTS (International Symposium Space Technology and Science)   619-625   1988
Analytical Interpretation on Lateral/Directional Stability and Controllability of High Angle-of-Attack Reentry Flight
Yonemoto K.,Inatani Y.
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Report   (630)    1988
Scramjet Engine and its Flying Test Bed
Niino M.,Wakamatsu Y.,Chinzei N.,Masuya G.,Yonemoto K.,Fujiwara K.
Proceedings of 17th ISTS (International Symposium Space Technology and Science)   297-302   1990

Conference Activities & Talks

A Practical Method for Predicting Transonic Wing Flutter Phenomena
14th Congress of the ICAS (International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences), ICAS-84-1.7.1   1984   
Anti-Symmetric Mode Flutter Simulation Using Half Wing in Transonic Wind Tunnel Test
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Symposium on Scale Modeling   1988   
Stability Analysis of Atmospheric Trajectory of Space Plane for Dynamic Pressure/Heat Input Rate Control
Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrt-Kongress, Jahrbuch 1989 I der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., 89-155   1989   
Status of 'HIMES' Reentry Flight Test Project
The AIAA Second International Aerospace Planes Conference   1990   
Transonic Flutter Analysis Method in KHI
National Aerospace Laboratory, Forum on Aeroelasticity and its Applications   1991   


Study on separation vortex structure at ultra low Reynolds number and its application to lifting surface design of Mars flight exploration system
2007 - 2010
Inorganic Compound CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with High Hydrogen Gas Barrier Performance
2008 - 2011
Basic Research and High Altitude Flight Test for Realization of World Fist Mars Flight Exploration
2012 - 2017
Research and Development of Non-fuel Long Duration Mars Flight Exploration System Using Wireless Power Transmission
2013 - 2015
Research on Optimal Multimodal Trajectory Search by Dynamically Distributed Genetic Algorithm (Dyn DGA) and Flight Demonstration Using UAV
2015 - 2018

Research Grants & Projects

Research and Development of Experimental Winged Rocket
Funded Research
Project Year: 2007   
Based on the JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) -University Joint
Collaboration Program, basic researches are conducted for the purpose of
realizing future fully reusable space transportation system, and an unmanned
winged rocket is u...
Research and Development of New Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic with High Hydrogen Gas Barrier Capability
Cooperative Research
Project Year: 2007   
It is urgent to use carbon fiber reinforced plastic that has higher specific
strength compared conventional aluminum material for realizing future fully reusable space transportation system. But the permeability of hydrogen gas of CFRP prevent th...
Research on the Separation Vortex Structure at Ultra Low Reynolds Number and its Application to the Design of Lifting Surface of Mars Flight Exploration System
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2007 - 2017
Since the atmospheric density of Mars is about 1/100 and the gravity of Mars
is about 38% compared with the earth, it is necessary to design a lifting
surface of flight exploration system not only that has a favorable lift to drag
ratio at crui...


Flight Control Mechanism of Parafoil
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Prepreg of Gas Barrier Properties, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Method of Producing the Same
US 7,981,500 B2
High Pressure Gas Container and Its Manufacturing Method