Takeoka Yuko

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Takeoka Yuko
Sophia University
Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Materials and Life Sciences
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1995-1998 Sophia University, Department of Chemistry,
"Research on ultrathin films of conducting polymers"
1998-2001 University of Tokyo, School of Engineering, ]
"Research on organic-inorganic hybridized optical materials"
2001- Sophia University, Department of Materials and Life Sciences,
"Research on conjugated polymer, organic-inorganic hybridized materials,
and biodegradable polymers"

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Academic & Professional Experience

Nov 2002
Mar 2006
Japan Science and Technology Agency
Oct 2005
Mar 2007
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Published Papers

Novel organic-inorganic perovskite compounds having phosphonium groups
S. Shimizu, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka, M. Rikukawa
ACS Omega      Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Factors determining the vertical orientation of two-dimensional perovskites
R. Arai, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka*, M. Rikukawa
CrystEngComm   21 4529-4533   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Eco-Friendly Push-Coated Polymer Solar Cells with No Active Material Wastes Yield Power Conversion Efficiencies Over 5.5%
S. Inaba, R. Arai, G. V. Mihai, O. Lazar, C. Moise, M. Enachescu, Y. Takeoka, and V. Vohra
ACS. Appl. Mater. Interfaces   11 10785   Jan 2019
S. Yamaguchi, H. Yamada, Y. Takeoka, M. Rikukawa, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita
Synthesis of pyrrolidinium-based plastic crystals exhibiting high ionic conductivity at ambient temperature
New J. Chem.   43 4008   Jan 2019
Pyrrolidinium-based organic ionic plastic crystals: Relationship between side chain length and properties
H. Yamada, Y. Miyachi, Y. Takeoka, M. Rikukawa,M. Yoshizawa-Fujita
Electrochim. Acta   303 293-298   Jan 2019


有機-無機プロブスカイト化合物-光変換材料の創製 (世界化学年特集 日本のマリー・キュリーを育てよう)- (未来を見つめる女性科学者たち)
化学経済   58(6) 70-72   May 2011
Microwave-assisted enzymatic polymerization of PLGA copolymers and hybridization with hydroxyapatite
A. Yamada, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka, and M. Rikukawa
Polymer Preprints   50(2) 518   Aug 2009
New multiblock copolymers of sulfonated poly(phenylene) and poly(ether ketone) for proton exchange membranes
M. Yoshida, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka, and M. Rikukawa
Polymer Preprints   50(2) 537   Aug 2009
Surface modification of hydroxyapatite and fabrication of poly(L-lactide)/hydroxyapatite composites
M. Hatanaka, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka, and M. Rikukawa
Polymer Preprints   50(2) 641   Aug 2009
Synthesis and characterization of polybenzimidazole derivatives for mid-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells
H. Ohmori, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, Y. Takeoka, and M. Rikukawa
Polymer Preprints   50(2) 662   Aug 2009

Books etc

Basic chemistry : atomic and molecular structures and chemical bonding
Takeoka Yuko (Part:Joint Work)
Corona Publishing   Mar 2014   ISBN:9784339066319
New functional materials based on characteristics of Hetero‐Elements
Takeoka Yuko (Part:Joint Work)
CMC Publishing   Aug 2010   ISBN:9784781302638
Assembled and organized films of functional materials and their applications
Takeoka Yuko (Part:Joint Work, 257-267)
Jun 2006   ISBN:488231570X

Conference Activities & Talks

Design and Application of Organic-inorganic Perovskites [Invited]
Y. Takeoka
日本化学会第98回春季年会Asian International Symposium-Photochemistry-   23 Mar 2018   
Fabrication of Organic-Inorganic Hybrids using Calcium Phosphate Ceramics and Biodegradable Polymers [Invited]
Y. Takeoka
Smart Materials-2018   7 Mar 2018   
Two-Dimensional Perovskites prepared using Various Components [Invited]
Y. Takeoka, R. Arai, R. Hamaguchi, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, M. Rikukawa
IUMRS_ICAM2017   29 Aug 2017   
Preparation of fullerene containing perovskite materials
Y. Takeoka, M. Imada, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, M. Rikukawa, K. Ema, T. Miyasaka
APHOPV-17   4 Feb 2017   
Control of perovskite structures using various organic amines
Y. Takeoka, M. Imada, M. Yoshizawa-Fujita, M. Rikukawa
PSCO2015   28 Sep 2015   

Association Memberships



2017-171379 : 有機無機金属化合物
2018-27899 : 層状ペロブスカイト構造を有する化合物
2017-221524 : 人工骨材料
2014-190422 : 太陽電池用有機-無機複合材料、太陽電池用光吸収層および太陽電池
6358728 : 核酸検出剤および核酸検出方法