DAWSON, Walter P.

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DAWSON, Walter P.
International Christian University
College of Liberal Arts Division of Arts and Sciences
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph.D(Columbia University, Teachers College), M.A.(Columbia University, Teachers College), B.A.(The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Dawson. W. (2011). The CCDT Model of Education Transfer: Examining the Case of Multilingual Education in Cambodia. Educational Studies, No. 53.
DAWSON, Walter P.
Education Studies      2011
Dawson, W. (2010). Private tutoring and mass schooling in East Asia: Reflections of inequality in Japan, South Korea, and Cambodia. In Asia Pacific Education Review, 11, 1.
DAWSON, Walter P.
Asia Pacific Education Review      2010
Dawson, W.P. (2007). Indigenous Highlanders and ‘Oralcy’ in the Banleung Market: A Micro-Discourse Analysis of Market Power in Cambodia. In The Journal of Social Science, 64 COE Special Edition.
DAWSON, Walter P.
The Journal of Social Science      2008
Dawson, W.P. (2007). Mythologies of Education: A New Theory for Political Socialization in Education. In Educational Studies, No. 49.
DAWSON, Walter P.
Education Studies      2007
Dawson, W.P. (2006). The Tampuan People’s Need for Khmer “Oralcy” – Livelihood and Literacy Education in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia. In The Journal of Social Science, 57 COE Special Edition.
DAWSON, Walter P.
The Journal of Social Science      2006


A Comparison of Asian Bilateral Agencies’ Education Aid to Cambodia: Convergence and Divergence in Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese Donor Agencies
Dawson, Walter P.*
Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review   3(1) 27-31   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea, and China pursue development projects in Cambodia with the
aim of extending their influence for political and economic purposes. This study is the product of a research
project which seeks to examine the d...
Book Review of “Going to School in East Asia” by Postiglione, G. & Tan, J., Eds.
Dawson, Walter P.
Comparative Education Review   52(3)    Apr 2008   [Refereed][Invited]
Book Review of “Imagining multilingual schools: Languages in education and, globalization” by Garcia, O., Skutnabb-Kangas, S., & Torres-Guzman, M., Eds.
Dawson, Walter P.
Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics   Spring 2008    Apr 2008   [Refereed]

Books etc

Human Rights for Adolescent Girls: A Lower Secondary Education Curriculum Unit
Coll, A; Dawson, W.; Tuite, J.; and Woodall, J. (Part:Joint Work)
United Nations Department of Public Information   Jun 1998   

Conference Activities & Talks

Models for Cambodian Educational/Political Development: Bilateral Agencies, Influence & Democratization [Invited]
Dawson, Walter P.
Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies   27 Mar 2019   Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
Chaired and Organized International Panel
Dawson, Walter P.and Nukaga, Misako
Japan Education Research Association   Aug 2017   Japan Education Research Association
Comparison of Bilateral Aid Agencies for Education: Convergence and Divergence
Dawson, Walter P.
Japan Education Research Association   Aug 2016   Japan Education Research Association
Globalization, Bilateral Education Aid Agencies, and the OECD: Convergence and Divergence among Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese Institutions
Dawson, Walter P.
Japan Education Research Association   Aug 2013   Hitotsubashi University
East-East Transfer: A Comparison of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese funded Education Projects in Cambodia
DAWSON, Walter P.
Comparative and International Education Society   Mar 2013   Comparative and International Education Society

Research Grants & Projects

A Comparative Study of Donor Influence on Cambodia's Educational Development: Competition between Japan, China, and Western Donors for Influence on Global Models for Educational Development
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2023
Applying Theory of Political Science and IR to Globalization of Education Policy
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2018
Comparing Asian and “Western” Bilateral Aid Institutions: Convergence and Divergence in the Global Movement for Educational Expansion
Project Year: 2012 - 2015
A comparison of Asian and European bilateral agencies' policies and projects for education development in Cambodia.
A Comparative Study of Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean Bilateral Assistance for Educational Development in Cambodia
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2012