SAEKI Toshio

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SAEKI Toshio
Former Institution /Organization University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences
Job title

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Professor/ Assis. Prof. of Institute of Heath and Sport Siences, of Univ. of Tsukuba
 Lecture of the Dept. of Physical Edu. of Tokyo Educational Univ.
 Lecture of the Department of Edu. of Kochi Univ.


Sport Innovation Toward a Mature Society.
Image of Sport in the World.   99-143   1997
Widerspruche in Derinternationalen Sportpolitik Japans
Sportpolitik.   167-176   1996
Quality Life and Sport-Humanity: Sport for All in Achieving the Future Japanese Society.
Sport for All   389-397   1991
The Conflict between Trditionand Modernization in a Sport Organi zation.
International Review for the Sociology of Sport.   (Vol. 29-3) 301-315   1994
The Characteristics of Sociological Research on Sport Organization in Japan.
International Review for the Socioligy of Sport.   (Vol. 25-2) 109-123   1990


International Research on Company's Supports for Sport
1998 - 2000
International Research on Spectator Culture in Sports
1996 - 1999
International Research on Sport Event and Comminuty formation
1996 - 1998

Research Grants & Projects

Theory of Contemporary Sport
Project Year: 1995   
Research on the Innovation of Company Sports
Program for Scientific Technology Development for Industries that Creates New Industries
Project Year: 1998   
Research on the Promation Policy of Life-Long Sport
Funded Research
Project Year: 1999 - 2001
Development of New Model on Company Sport
Forming Process of Sportator Culture