Suzuki Kanae

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Suzuki Kanae
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science
Job title
Associate Professor


Psychology, Faculty of Letters and Education, Ochanomizu University
Integrated Sciences, Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture, Ochanomizu University

Published Papers

鈴木, 佳苗
STUDIES IN SIMULATION AND GAMING   28(1) 43-52   2018   [Refereed]
<p>This study investigated the causal relationships between the amount of total use or experience of different behaviors of hand-held video games and social adjustment among elementary school students. Social adjustment was measured using four var...
Library, Information and Media Studies   15 29-40   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Prot, Sara; Gentile, Douglas A.; Anderson, Craig A.; Suzuki, Kanae; Swing, Edward; Lim, Kam Ming; Horiuchi, Yukiko; Jelic, Margareta; Krahe, Barbara; Wei, Liuqing; Liau, Albert K.; Khoo, Angeline; Petrescu, Poesis Diana; Sakamoto, Akira; Tajima, Sachi; Toma, Roxana Andreea; Warburton, Wayne; Zhang, Xuemin; Lam, Ben Chun Pan
PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE   25(2) 358-368   Feb 2014   [Refereed]
The use of teaching materials for art appreciation lessons in junior high school and related issues
Bijutsu Kyouiku   2013(297) 24-32   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
The purpose of this study is to clarify the usage of various types of teaching materials and to examine the lessons devised for the use of these materials in art appreciation lessons in junior high school. This study also investigates the issues i...
日本教育工学会論文誌   36(Suppl.) 85-88   Mar 2013

Books etc

鈴木佳苗 (Part:Contributor, 子どもとメディア)
日本図書館協会   2017   
鈴木,佳苗 (Part:Contributor, 乳幼児サービス)
Nov 2012   
鈴木,佳苗 (Part:Contributor, 児童サービスの課題と展望)
Nov 2012   
鈴木,佳苗 (Part:Contributor, 読書の意義)
樹村房   Nov 2012   
平久江,祐司;鈴木,佳苗 (Part:Editor)
Mar 2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

パネルディスカッション「メディアの転換期における調査研究の視座」 [Invited]
鈴木, 佳苗
メディアの転換期における調査研究の視座:テレビとインターネットの連携と融合へ向けて   27 Mar 2019   図書館情報メディア系/図書館情報メディア研究科
A content analysis of USA food and beverage advertisements on children’s television: Focus on health promotion and other persuasion techniques
Suzuki, Kanae;Nelson, M. R.
2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo   27 Jul 2018   
The Awareness of Persuasive Techniques in Television Food Advertising Among Elementary School Students
Suzuki, Kanae
the IAFOR International Conference on Education 2018   4 Jan 2019   
The criteria and standards used to decide the codes of television advertising techniques for foods and beverages
Suzuki, Kanae
the IAFOR International Conference on Education 2018   4 Jan 2018   
The presentation of nutritional components of the foods in television commercials and its likely effect
Suzuki, Kanae;Nishioka, Teiichi;Okita, akito
the IAFOR International Conference on Education 2018   4 Jan 2018