Rika Takamaru (Imamura)

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Rika Takamaru (Imamura)
Kagoshima University

Research Areas


Published Papers

Rika Takamaru
Applied Ethics: Security, Sustainability and Human Flourishing   38-50   Oct 2015   [Refereed]
Rika Takamaru
15 281-289   Mar 2013   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Fathers’ IT Use and Perception toward Young Children’s Use of IT Tools
Rika Takamaru and Kayo Hashimoto
2017 Annual Meetings of National Council on Family Relations   15 Nov 2017   
Motivation and Resources for Re-entering Employment in Japanese Expatriate Housewives
Rika Takamaru
2015 IAEVG(International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance) International Conference   21 Sep 2015   
Difference in Career Preferences of Women by Childbearing Age
rikatakamaruimamura   2 Nov 2014   
Rika Takamaru
XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology   15 Jul 2014   
Cross-cultural Adjustment of Japanese Expatriate Housewives: Difference in Lifestyle Perspectives based on having or not-having Children
Rika Takamaru
ASAHK(Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong) for the 9th Annual Conference 2014   14 Mar 2014   

Research Grants & Projects

Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women: Visiting Researchers
Project Year: Jul 2018 - Dec 2019    Investigator(s): Rika Takamaru