Ryosaku Makino

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Ryosaku Makino
Waseda University
Faculty of Human Sciences

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Published Papers

Spatial-Orientational Behavior for the Narrative in a Field:A Case Study on Science Communicators'Standing Position Employed to Display the Readi ness to Start Giving an Explanation of the Exhibit
22(1) 53-68   Mar 2015   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

Understanding as an interactively oriented, embodied resource in rehabilitation settings
Makino, Ryosaku., Kodama, Kentaro., Yagi, Takayuki., Takada, Yu., & Yasuda, Kazuhiro.
16th International Pragmatics Conference(IPRA)   Jun 2019   
Hand positions for showing speakership: A report of language selection by the deafblind man
Makino, Ryosaku., & Bono, Mayumi.
The 8th International Conference of Gesture Studies (ISGS8)   Jul 2018   
Tactile Japanese Sign Language and Finger Braille: An Example of Data Collection for Minority Languages in Japan
Bono, Mayumi., Sakaida, Rui., Makino, Ryosaku., Okada, Tomohiro., Kikuchi, Kouhei., Cibulka, Mio., Willoughby, Louisa., Iwasaki, Shimako., & Fukushima, Satoshi
The 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC)   May 2018   
Preliminary Analysis of Embodied Interactions between Science Communicators and Visitors Based on a Multimodal Corpus of Japanese Conversations in a Science Museum
Sakaida, Rui., Makino, Ryosaku., & Bono, Mayumi
The 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC)   May 2018   
Using relationships as an interactional resource in multiparty Japanese conversation involving children
Ryosaku Makino, Mayumi Bono
The 15th International Pragmatics Conference (15th IPRA)   16 Jul 2017   
Effects of Auditory Information on Inter-Limb Coordination and Synchronization between People in Janken Action
Kentaro Kodama, Ryosaku Makino, Hiroyasu Massaki, Koji Abe
Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Collaboration Technologies CollabTech2016   Sep 2016   
Home position-formation: as a combination of multiple participants’ home position
Ryosaku Makino, Nobuhiro Furuyama
Proceedings of the international Workshop on Multimodality in Multiparty Interaction (MiMI2013)   Oct 2013   
Relationship between home position-formation and storytelling
Ryosaku Makino, Nobuhiro Furuyama
1st European Symposium on Multimodal Communication   Oct 2013   
Where does gesture start and what type of speech does gesture accompany? : A new insight from home-position preceding gesture
Ryosaku Makino, Noburhio Furuyama
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Multimodality in Multiparty Interaction (MiMI2012)   Nov 2012   
Different Stable Patterns between Intra- and Inter-Personal Systems: Experimental Study On Inter-limb Tapping Coordination
Kentaro Kodama, Ryosaku Makino, Nobuhiro Furuyama
Proceedings of the annual meeting of the cognitive science society CogSci 2012   Aug 2012   
Gesture or home position? ─Manual movements synchronized with speech but not treated as gesture
Ryosaku Makino, Nobuhiro Furuyama
5th conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS5)   Jul 2012