Ron Korenaga

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Ron Korenaga
Rikkyo University
Department of Media & Communication Studies
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Sep 2018
Best book award of the year, The Society of Socio-Informatics

Published Papers

Shinichiro Sakai; Ron Korenaga; Tomomi Shigeyoshi Sakai
Proceedings of ISIC, the Information Behaviour Conference      Mar 2015   [Refereed]
Introduction. This paper contributes to the growing body of practice-based and empirical approaches to information science research that examines the ways members of a community engage in mundane and everyday information-related activities. Partic...
Journal of socio-informatics   1(3) 1-9   Mar 2013   [Invited]
The aim of this essay is to define the issue of socio-informatics as the consideration of members' experience in society and describe the ethnomethodologically informed ethnography in order to approach the issue. Consequently, I discuss the possib...
Use of Mobile Phone TV: With Respect to Youth Culture in Japan
Ron Korenaga
Journal of Commnunication & Culture   (11) 3-28   Oct 2012   [Invited]
Going Out of Tune? Use of Mobile Phone TV among Japanese Youth
Ron Korenaga, Hisako Komuro
Media Asia   36(4) 194-211   2009   [Refereed]
Mikami Shunji, Korenaga Ron, Nakamura Isao, Kenjo Takehide, Mori Yasutoshi, Yanagisawa Kaga, Mori Yasuko, Sekiya Naoya
The research bulletin of the Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies, the University of Tokyo   15 145-235   2001
Hashimoto Yoshiaki, Mikami Shunji, Ishii Ken'ichi, Wakabayashi Naoki, Hirabayashi Noriko, Nakamura Isao, Korenaga Ron, Kenjo Takehide
The research bulletin of the Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies, the University of Tokyo   2 45-157   1992


Journal of mass communication studies   (85) 2-3   Jul 2014
The planning of this special edition was triggered by Japan's Upper House Parliamentary election in the summer of 2013 when election campaigns using the Internet were run for the first time in the country's history. Japanese media reports at the t...
Proceedings of the ... Japan Telework Society Conference   (15) 68-69   Jul 2013
In this report, we consider how the image of "Working at Home" has developed in Japan since 1990s when the current extensive diffusion of the internet has not yet occurred. We have analyzed more than 500 articles in newspapers and the interview da...

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John Benjamins Publishing Company   Sep 2014   ISBN:9027212139