Rui Fukumoto

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Rui Fukumoto
Nagaoka Institute of Design
Faculty of DesignDepartment of Architecture & Environmental Design
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Mar 2017
President's Grand Prize, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

R. Fukumoto, Y. Genda and M. Ishikawa
Sustainability   10(6) 1717   May 2018   [Refereed]
Changes in identity of learners and deepening of learning through dialogs on the subject of disaster prevention - A case study of using Bousai-Trump -
Rui Fukumoto
Japanese Journal of Environmental Education   27(3) 15-22   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Y. Nakayama, K. Nakamura, H. Saito and R. Fukumoto
Geosciences   7(2)    Apr 2017   [Refereed]
The development and application of a citizen support system as a self-help platform in disasters
R. Fukumoto and T. Izumi
Proceedings of International Symposium on City Planning 2013   238-241   Aug 2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

Resilience and Sustainability of Civil Infrastructures under Extreme Loads
R. Fukumoto (Part:Contributor, Characteristics of Corporate Contributions to the Recovery of Regional Society from the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster)
MDPI Books   Aug 2019   ISBN:978-3-03921-401-3
R. Fukumoto (Part:Joint Work, Corporate Contributions to Community Resilience after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster)
IntechOpen   Jul 2019   ISBN:978-1-78984-667-6
In the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, municipalities in the northeastern coastal area of Japan suffered serious damage from the disaster. During such a huge disaster, it is difficult that the municipalities lead the regional recove...
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics
Rui Fukumoto (Part:Joint Translation, Mondragon Cooperative Corporation)
Jan 2012   ISBN:978-4-621-08387-1


We will survive!
Virakorn Kuewsupakorn, Rui Fukumoto   Artistic Activity   May 2017
It is a card game that aims to instruct the knowledge about how to survive then the disaster happened. It is designed the targets for people in every age especially for the elementary school to university students. By playing the card game, people...
Mommy needs help!
Jan Suksathaporn, Rui Fukumoto   Educational Materials   May 2017
It is a board game that provides the opportunity for players to learn about disaster prevention and reconsider of taking care of people's belongings, designed for all ages in families. By playing the board game, players would know how to prepare f...
Quick Choice
Suzuha Takagi, Rui Fukumoto   Educational Materials   Jun 2016
It is a card game providing the opportunity to imagine potential disaster and to improve immediate decision making. It was created and targeted for children especially whose parents work or cannot stay with them, so children will be able to make a...
Lemons to Lemons
Panchita Siripanatakon, Rui Fukumoto   Educational Materials   Jun 2016
It is a board game provide the opportunity for players to be prepared or at least and learn how to confront with unexpected incidents especially disaster. It is required critical thinking and judgmental skill; however, it would make people to thin...
Survival Snakes and Ladders
Weewika Witchutraiphop, Rui Fukumoto   Educational Materials   Jun 2016
It is a board game that provides opportunities for teenagers to share their ideas and raise awareness of the possibilities to be engaged in natural disasters and accidents in daily basis. By playing the game, people would hear other people thought...