Ryotaro Miura

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Ryotaro Miura
Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University

Research Areas


Published Papers

Estrous detection by continuous measurements of vaginal temperature and conductivity with supervised machine learning in cattle.
Higaki S, Miura R, Suda T, Andersson LM, Okada H, Zhang Y, Itoh T, Miwakeichi F, Yoshioka K.
Theriogenology   123 90-99   Jan 2019   [Refereed]
Prediction of calving time in Holstein dairy cows by monitoring the ventral tail base surface temperature.
Koyama K, Koyama T, Sugimoto M, Kusakari N, Miura R, Yoshioka K, Hirako M.
240 1-5   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Study of stress in dairy cattle during student practical training on a farm
Gin Azusa, Sato Takumi, Tohei Atsushi, Miura Ryotaro, Mizutani Hisashi, Amao Hiromi, Yamada Yutaka, Kamiya Shinji, Yosimura Itaru, Mochizuki Mariko
Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research   66(2) 63-70   May 2018   [Refereed]
Miura R, Yoshioka K, Miyamoto T, Nogami H, Okada H, Itoh T
Animal Reproduction Science   180 50-57   May 2017   [Refereed]


Ovarian structure which affect the fertility during estrous cycle
Ryotaro Miura
JOURNAL OF LIVESTOCK MEDICINE   66(8) 467-473   Aug 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
Evaluation of follicle and corpus luteum morphology using B-mode ultrasonography
Ryotaro Miura
LIVESTOCK TECHNOLOGY   2019(8) 13-18   Aug 2019   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Does the side(left or right) of preovulatory follicle at AI affect the conception rate in lactating cows?
Izumi T, Akiba S, Okakoi M, Miura R
The 30th World Buiatrics Congress 2018 Sapporo   28 Aug 2018   
A case of cross bread calf with O leg for multiple rib fructure
18 Nov 2017   
Effects of the first wave dominant follicle and corpus luteum on sex steroid hormone concentrations and these receptor expressions in bovine oviducts
Hazano K, Haneda S, Miura R, Kayano M and Matsui M
29 Sep 2017   
Monitoring ventral tail-surface temperature by wearable wireless sensor predicts ovulation in cattle
Yoshioka K, Miura R, Miyamoto T, Nogami T, Okada H, Itoh T
18th International Congress of Animal Reproduction   Jun 2016   
An evaluation of body surface temperature measurement for predicting the calving time and detecting the postpartum fever in dairy cows
Koyama K, Koyama T, Matsui Y, Sugimoto M, Miura R, Yoshioka K, Hirako M.
18th International Congress of Animal Reproduction   Jun 2016   
Does the ipsilateral locations of the first wave dominant follicle and corpus luteum affects conception rate in cattle?
R. Miura, S. Haneda, K. Kayano, and M. Matsui.
9th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium   Aug 2014   
The characteristics of corpus luteum size, blood flow, and plasma progesterone concentration after ovulation of the first and second wave dominant follicle.
R. Miura, H. Takahashi, S. Haneda, and M. Matsui.
40th International Embryo Transfer Society   Jan 2014   
Differences of follicular growth and blood flow in the follicular wall between the first and second wave dominant follicle in cows.
R. Miura, M Matsui, S Haneda and Y-I Miyake.
8th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium   Sep 2010