Ryu Katayama

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Ryu Katayama
Dream Architecting Manufactory
PhD(Engineering)(Keio Gijuku University), MSC(Engineering)(Keio Gijuku University)


Graduated Graduate Schhol of Keio Gijuku University(MSC engineering) in 1981, and entered Sanyo Electric Company Ltd.
Engaged in the research and development of voice synthesis and analysis,Artificial Intelligence,fuzzy control, neural network, industrial application of chaos theory,network,real time operating system, Internet Phone, and so forth. PhD(Engineering)(Keio Gijuku University). PhD Research:Identification Methods and Their Applications by use of a Fuzzy Neural Network[3].
In 2001, engaged in the manager of network system division of Hypermedia Research Center.
In 2003. engaged in the director of planning office of Digital Systems Technology Center.
From 2008 to 2013, established the Software Development Innovation Office for All Sanyo 24 Business Units and promoted the software development process improvement and innovation of software development.
From November 2013, joined R&D division of Panasonic corporation, where promoted Innovative Thinking which is a combination of Design Thinking and System Thinking, which is developed by the Graduate School of System Design Management, Keio University.
From October 2014, engaged in the application of Systems Engineering to automotive products such as ADAS ECU .
Member of ESIP(Embedded Systems Industry Promotion Organization)[1], and AUTOSAR Regional Work Package Japan[2].
In April 2017, established Dream Architechting Manufactory.
Engaged in the cosutation in the field such as Systems Engineering, Software Engineering,Embedded System, IoT, Artificial Engineering, Automotive Network Security, and Organization Development.

Playing tennis for 36 years. Teaching tennis to elementary school students of Horikawa Kids Community from 2001, and engaged in the Director of Horikawa Kids Tennis Club, where trained over 120 students.

In 2013, participated Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run 2013.
In 2014 and 2015, participated Nara Bonchi Cyclocross Rally.

[1] http://www.kansai-kumikomi.net/
[2] https://www.autosar.org/
[3] http://iroha.scitech.lib.keio.ac.jp:8080/sigma/handle/10721/1190?show=full

Research Areas


Published Papers

Proposal of Entrepreneur’s Decision Making Principle based on Realization of Dream and Transformation
Ryu Katayama
The proceedings of the 40th conference of Japan Creativity Society, September 2018   40 56-63   Sep 2018
When entrepreneurs create new business, effectuation logic and serial innovator’s logic have been proposed as action logic to increase the probability of success of new business.
In addition, a hierarchical decision making model has been proposed ...
Ryu Katayama
Procedia Computer Science   126(2018) 1120-1129   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Theory U, Action Inquiry, Adult Development Theories, etc. are proposed as models for realization of dreams, transformation and reflection for individuals, teams, organizations. However, the relationships among these theories and models have not n...
Ryu Katayama
   Mar 2018
Theory U, Action Inquiry, Adult Development Theories, etc. are proposed as models of realization, transformation and introspection for individuals, teams, organizations. However, the relationships among these theories and models have not necessari...
Visualization of Entrepreneur’s Decision Making Process based on Objective Means System
Ryu Katayama
The proceedings of the 39th conference of Japan Creativity Society, September 2017   39 69-76   Sep 2017
In management based on classical marketing theory, opportunities for new products and new services are discovered, the new market searches for potential needs not satisfied, and selects a target segment position where predetermined new products ar...
Kazuyuki Aihara and Ryu Katayama
Communications of the ACM   38(11) 103-107   Nov 1995

Conference Activities & Talks

A journey of an engineer led by enconter and curiosity ~Toward the realization of dreams an transformation~ [Invited]
Ryu Katayama
Effectuation Workshop   26 Oct 2018   
Ryu Katayama
An AI Story for every application, Chapter 8   4 Jul 2018