RYU Chung-Hee

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RYU Chung-Hee
Fukuoka University
Faculty of Humanities Department of East Asian Studies

Research Areas


Published Papers

Yun Ch i-ho’s Perceptions of Colonial Korea and Political Imagination of Self-Help in the 1910s: A Comparison with Ch oe Nam-sŏn’s Approach to the Principle of Self-Help
175 195-224   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Yun Ch iho's Enlightenment Thought and Christian Liberty : a Comparison with Fukuzawa Yukichi's Views on Liberty and Religion
171 37-71   Sep 2015   [Refereed]
The Activities of Civic Associations and Uihoe t`ongyong gyuch`ik (議會通用規則) in Early Modern Korea: The Circulation and Translation of Uihoe t`ongyong gyuch`ik
167 1-32   Sep 2014   [Refereed]


RYU Chung-Hee
Quadrante : クァドランテ : 四分儀 : 地域・文化・位置のための総合雑誌   (20) 65-69   Mar 2018

Books etc

Korean Modernity and Yun Ch'i-Ho: Ethos of East Asian Intellectuals and the Écriture of Enlightenment
RYU Chung-Hee
University of Tokyo Press   Oct 2018   ISBN:9784130160384
정 근식, 한 기형, 李 惠鈴, 紅野 謙介, 고 영란 (Part:Joint Translation)
푸른역사   Feb 2016   ISBN:9791156120650

Conference Activities & Talks

Colonial Korean Intellectuals and the Wartime Collaboration: Yun Ch’i-ho’s Case
RYU Chung-Hee
Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference   18 Mar 2017   Association for Asian Studies
Political Imagination of Self-Help and the March 1st Movement: Yun Ch'i-ho’s and Ch'oe Nam-sŏn’s theories of self-help in late 1910s
RYU Chung-Hee
19th Asian Studies Conference Japan   20 Jun 2015   
Yun Chi-ho’s Enlightenment Thought and Christian Liberty: in Comparison with Fukuzawa Yukichi’s View of Liberty and Religion
RYU Chung-Hee
Japan Studies at the University of Chicago and the University of Tokyo A Joint Workshop   30 Mar 2015   
Yun Chi-Ho’s Theory of Reformation and Japan: Yun Chi-Ho’s Diary from the First Sino-Japanese War Years
RYU Chung-Hee
The 5th conference: Rewriting Modern and Contemporary Intellectual History   21 Oct 2011