Shuichi Suzuki

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Usuda Ryosuke, Suzuki Takashi, Suzuki Shuichi, Masuda Mikio, Kikuchi Toshiki
The journal of the Japan Society for Bronchology   30(3) 129-132   May 2008
Background. Evacuation of purulent effusion is effective in treating an infected bulla. We employed this technique to a patient with an infected bulla caused by Mycobacterium kansasii. Case. A 40-year-old man had pyrexia and right chest pain in Ap...
Suzuki Shuichi, Suzuki Takashi, Usuda Ryousuke, Masuda Mikio, Kamio Yoshito, Kitami Akihiko
The journal of the Japan Society for Bronchology   29(6) 366-368   Nov 2007
Background. Idiopathic azygos vein aneurysm is a relatively rare disease, and most cases are asymptomatic. Surgical therapy and other approaches for this disease are controversial. Case. A 37-year-old man presented with an abnormal shadow on his c...
KURAISHI Hiroshi, YANO Ryozo, HASUMOTO Makoto, KASAI Tomihiko, KIKUCHI Toshiki, TOMITA Shogo, OTSUKA Hidehiko, AKIZAWA Takanori, NARUSHIMA Michiaki, SUZUKI Hajime, SUZUKI Shuichi, SUZUKI Takashi
44(5) 415-419   May 2006
Suzuki Shuichi, Suzuki Takashi, Masuda Mikio, Usuda Ryousuke, Masunaga Atsuko, Mitsuya Toshiyuki, Noguchi Masayuki
Japanese Journal of Lung Cancer   46(1) 79-81   Feb 2006
Masuda Mikio, Suzuki Takashi, Suzuki Shuichi, Tomaru Teruaki, Kamio Yoshito, Kitami Akihiko
The journal of the Japan Society for Bronchology   26(1) 83-87   Jan 2004
Background. Rigid bronchoscopes have been used to extirpate foreign bodies in the airways of children. We report the use of this maneuver in the removal of airway foreign bodies in two young children. Case 1. A 2-year-old male infant was admitted ...