Arai, Sachiyo

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Arai, Sachiyo
Chiba University
Job title
Chiba University

Published Papers

Charge Control of Regenerative Power for Energy Saving in Railway Systems
2018 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGENTS (ICA)   69-74   2018   [Refereed]
Inverse Reinforcement Learning Approach for Elicitation of Preferences in Multi-objective Sequential Optimization
2018 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGENTS (ICA)   117-118   2018   [Refereed]
Detection of Features Affording a Certain Action via Analysis of CNN
2018 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGENTS (ICA)   105-108   2018   [Refereed]
Shota Ishikawa,Sachiyo Arai
Proceedings of the Tenth International Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation (ATT 2018) co-located with with the Federated Artificial Intelligence Meeting, including ECAI/IJCAI, AAMAS and ICML 2018 conferences (FAIM 2018), Stockholm, Sweden, Ju   63-69   2018   [Refereed]


石川翔太, 荒井幸代
人工知能学会論文誌(Web)   34(1) D‐I55_1‐9(J‐STAGE)   2019
本木雄斗, 荒井幸代
計測自動制御学会システム・情報部門学術講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.GS0208   Nov 2018
竹木祥太, 荒井幸代
計測自動制御学会システム・情報部門学術講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.GS0207   Nov 2018
木村祥, 荒井幸代
計測自動制御学会システム・情報部門学術講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.GS0206   Nov 2018

Conference Activities & Talks

Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Expert's Demonstrations in Multiple Dynamics
Yusuke Nakata, Sachiyo Arai,
Adaptive and Learning Agents Workshop at AAMAS   13 May 2019   
Estimation of agent's rewards using multi-agent maximum discounted causal entropy inverse reinforcement learning
Keiichi Namikoshi , Sachiyo Arai,
Adaptive and Learning Agents Workshop at AAMAS   13 May 2019   
Faster Convergence to Cooperative Policy by Autonomous Detection of Interference States in Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
Sachiyo Arai, Haichi Xu
PRICAI2016   22 Aug 2016   
Avoid the Overflow of Disaster Victims around the Railway Station -via Adaptive Management of Passengers' Routes and Train Schedule
Yoko Hino, Sachiyo Arai
RailTokyo2015,   23 Mar 2015   
Learning Strategic Information Support for Controlling Traffic Flow
Sachiyo Arai, Yuta Mabuchi
International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems   31 Oct 2011   
Interaction Model for Chasm Creation on Multiagent Network
Shuichiro Kanno, and Sachiyo Arai
The SICE Annual Conference 2011   14 Sep 2011   
Scene Evaluation of a Ball Game for Solving Batting Order Optimization,
Yuya Kakui, Sachiyo Arai,
The SICE Annual Conference 2010   19 Aug 2010   
A Preliminary Analysis of Interactive Effects between Network Structure and Decision Criteria on the Global Behavior
Masaki Imajuku, Tatsuya Hiyama, Sachiyo Arai,
ICROS-SICE International Joint Conference 2009   19 Aug 2009   
CURATOR:its developmental strategy
Atsuko Takano, Kazuko Takagi, Sachiyo Arai, Hiroya Takeuchi, Syun Tutiya,
International Conference on Open Repositories   Jan 2007   
Teamwork Formation for Keepaway in Robotics Soccer
Nobuyuki Tanaka, Sachiyo Arai
9th Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents   Aug 2006   
Reward Design for Emerging Cooperative Behavior in Continuing Task Domains : International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
Nobuyuki Tanaka, Sachiyo Arai
Workshop on Adaptation and Learning in Autonomous Agents and Multiagent systems   6 May 2006   
Learning for Human-Agent Collaboration on the Semantic Web
Sachiyo Arai and Toru Ishida
International Conference on Informatics Research for Development of Knowledge Society Infrastructure   Mar 2004   
Model-Based Learning with Hierarchical Relational Skills
Pat Langley, Sachiyo Arai, Daniel Shapiro
International Conference on Machine Learning Workshop on Relational Reinforcement Learning   2004   
Semantic Web Service Architecture using Multi-agent Scenario Description
Sachiyo Arai, Yohei Murakami, Yuki Sugimoto, Toru Ishida
h Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence,   7 Nov 2003