Saito Hiroaki

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Saito Hiroaki
Ashikaga University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Innovative Engineering,Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2003
Mar 2012
Reseach specialist, Environmental Research Group, Building Research Institute
Jul 2010
Mar 2011
Researcher, Department Architecture, Division of Engineering Graduate School, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1994
Sep 2003
Physics testing group, Japan testing centre for construction materials
Feb 2001
Mar 2002
Guest Researcher, CANMET Energy Technology Center Buildings Group, Natural Resources Canada

Awards & Honors

Nov 2012
Best Paper Award for 2012, Building Simulation: An International
Apr 2010
Incentive award, Architectural Institute of Japan

Published Papers

MURO Keiko, SAITO Hiroaki
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   25(61) 1179-1184   2019
<p>We conducted subjective experiments of heating condition using the small room of which temperature of the upper and the lower part and the floor could be controlled separately. The results show: 1) the thermal sensation shifted to the warmer le...
Application of Wood Degradation Model on Actual Roof Assembly with Rain Penetration
Saito Hiroaki
Energy Procedia   132 399-404   Jun 2017   [Refereed]
梅野 徹也, 鉾井 修一, 齋藤 宏昭, 本間 義規
日本建築学会環境系論文集   81(729) 951-959   Nov 2016
Prediction of Wood Decay Progress with Natural Infection under Fluctuated Temperature within Building Envelopes
Saito Hiroaki
3rd CESBP Central European Symposium on Building Physics   99-103   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Hiroaki Saito
ASTM Special Technical Publication   STP 1590 206-222   Jan 2015
Copyright © 2015 by ASTM International.Roofing assemblies for wood frame houses are usually made up of a combination of roofing tiles and underlayments in order to avoid water leakage. However, on the actual construction site, fasteners (such as n...
Daisuke Matsuoka, Shuichi Hokoi, Hiroaki Saito
ASTM Special Technical Publication   STP 1590 223-253   Jan 2015
Copyright © 2015 by ASTM International.A mock-up study was conducted with a one-story test house (3.64 m by 3.64 m) with eave ventilation in a suburb of Tokyo to examine the hygrothermal conditions in an attic space. A series of measurements were ...
Umeno Tetsuya, Hokoi Shuichi , Saito Hiroaki, Honma Yoshinori
Journal of Environmental Engineering   78(694) 909-916   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
齋藤 宏昭, 三浦 尚志, 桑沢 保夫
日本建築学会環境系論文集   78(688) 461-470   Jun 2013
Hiroaki Saito, Kiyoharu Fukuda, Takao Sawachi
Building Simulation   5 315-324   Dec 2012
In this study a numerical simulation model that integrates hygrothermal analysis with the decaying process of wood structures caused by moisture accumulation is presented. This simulation model can quantitatively predict both hygrothermal conditio...
齋藤 宏昭, 本間 義規, 三浦 尚志
AIJ journal of technology and design   17(35) 221-226   Feb 2011
齋藤 宏昭, 福田 清春, 澤地 孝男
Journal of environmental engineering   75(655) 807-814   Sep 2010
齋藤 宏昭, 西澤 繁毅, 桑沢 保夫
AIJ journal of technology and design   16(32) 191-195   Feb 2010
SAITO Hiroaki, HATTORI Tetsuyuki, MATSUSHIMA Kana, KUWASAWA Yasuo, ISHIZAKI Ryoichi, SAWACHI Takao, SETO Hironao, INOUE Takashi
J. Environ. Eng.   73(632) 1163-1169   Oct 2008
More than 50% of wooden frame houses in mild climate regions of Japan have not complied with 1992 energy conservation standard. Dwellers in such houses generally tend to employ intermittent and partial heating schedule. Thus partial renovations re...
SAITO Hiroaki, FUKUDA Kiyoharu, SAWACHI Takao, OSHIMA Akira
Journal of environmental engineering   73(630) 971-978   Aug 2008
In order to ensure safety and sustainability of building, both appropriate design and construction practice are required. Hence, damages of building by various deterioration factors should be estimated prior to construction. An important deteriora...
MIZUNUMA Makoto, SAWACHI Takao, SUZUKI Hirotaka, SETO Hironao, SAITO Hiroaki, NAKAMURA Yasuhiro, NAKAZONO Mahito
J. Environ. Eng.   73(624) 175-182   Feb 2008
Mud Wall is external wall filling dry mud between structural materials. Mud Wall has been employed as one of the major building components of traditional wood frame houses in Japan. The Mud Wall has proper performances in terms of heat and moistur...
SAWACHI Takao, HORI Yuji, HOSOI Akinori, MAE Masayuki, AKIMOTO Takashi, KUWASAWA Yasuo, MIURA Naoshi, MIKI Yasuhiro, TAJIMA Masaki, SAITO Hiroaki, TOKURA Miwako, NISHIZAWA Shigeki, HABARA Hiromi, AOKI Masatsugu, UKAJI Masaaki
Journal of environmental engineering   (621) 69-76   Nov 2007
For the development of effective policy to promote energy conservation and CO_2 reduction in residential buildings, it is exclusively important to develop the method to identify promising techniques, which are truly effective in reducing energy co...
Journal of environmental engineering   (610) 43-50   Dec 2006
Current moisture guidelines for building envelopes employ specification standards, which specify the types and the details of building assemblies. However, required performances to avoid moisture damages within building envelopes should be clarifi...
SAITO Hiroaki, KUWASAWA Yasuo, ISHIZAKI Ryoichi, SAWACHI Takao, SETO Hironao, MIURA Hisashi
Journal of architecture and building science   (24) 207-212   Dec 2006
This paper focuses on verification of impacts of practical renovations regarding thermal performances, which can be applied conventional wooden frame houses in mild climate regions. The practical renovations in this paper consist of followings; 1)...
SAITO Hiroaki, SAKAMOTO Yuzo, SAWACHI Takao, SETO Hironao
Journal of environmental engineering   (604) 23-29   Jun 2006
The present paper describes the framework of a practical design method based on frequency of relative humidity within wooden wall assemblies. In this practical design method, moisture resistance ratio across the outer surface of a thermal insulati...