Tatsuyoshi Saijo

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Tatsuyoshi Saijo
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Ph.D. (Minnesota)
Other affiliation
Research Institute for Future Design, Kochitech, Founding Director


We say that an individual exhibits futurability when (s)he experiences an increase in happiness as a result of deciding and acting to forego current benefits as long as it enriches future generations (Saijo, ed., Future Design, forthcoming from Springer). Parents can reduce their own foods and make them happy by giving the parts to their children. The fundamental question is whether we can extend this concept to future generations without being related to blood.

Even if we have futurability, it is not easy to activate it. Is it possible to build or design lifeworlds or society, that strengthens sociality and weakens contrast, impulse, and optimism? Is it possible to change market and democracy toward futurability? This line of research is called Future Design.

Published Papers

Time Preferences of Food Producers: Does 'Cultivate and Grow' Matter?
Yayan Hernuryadin, Koji Kotani & Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Future Design
Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Second Thoughts of Social Dilemma in Mechanism Design
Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Future Design (in Japanese)
Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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Tatsuyoshi Saijo
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