Saizo Aoyagi

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Saizo Aoyagi
Toyo University
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Research Associate, Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University
Apr 2016
Jan 2017
Managing partner, HOLLYWIS LLC
Jun 2013
Apr 2017
May 2014
Researcher, School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University
Oct 2015
Mar 2016
Part-time staff, Aichi Gakuin University


Oct 2009
Sep 2012
Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University
Apr 2004
Mar 2008
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

Awards & Honors

Aug 2015
Oneself-robot: A framework for Forwading a User's Presence via a Robot to a Partner during Video Communication, Best Intaractive Presentaion Award, ROMAN2015Organizing Committee
Winner: Takanori Tatsumi, Satoshi Fukumori, Saizo Aoyagi, and Michiya Yamamoto

Published Papers

Extraction of Emotional Body Expression Types in Fabrication Based on Laban Movement Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis
Saizo Aoyagi,Yoichi Yamazaki,Yuki Ono,Michiya Yamamoto, Noriko Nagata
The Transactions of Human Interface Society   22(1)    Feb 2020   [Refereed]
Tom Christensen, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Saizo Aoyagi
International Journal of Public Administration   41(16) 1404-1417   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
The theme in this article is managerial or administrative changes in municipalities seen from the perceptions of citizens. It is asked what characterize these changes, whether they are showing an interrelated and hybrid pattern, and whether the pe...
Yuji Okuda, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto, Satoshi Fukumori, Tomio Watanabe Tomio
The Transactions of Human Interface Society   20(2) 209-220   2018   [Refereed]
Researches on communication robots are expanding roles of them in various situations. In this study, by focusing on personalities of communication robots, we have developed kiroPi, which is a tablet-based robot by installing embodied hardware. Res...
Saizo Aoyagi, Ryuji Kawabe, Michiya Yamamoto, Satoshi Fukumori
情報処理学会論文誌ジャーナル(Web)   58(5) 994‐1002 (WEB ONLY)   May 2017   [Refereed]
Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto, Tomio Watanabe
情報処理学会論文誌ジャーナル(Web)   57(12) 2859‐2869 (WEB ONLY)   Dec 2016   [Refereed]
Kazuaki Tanaka, Michiya Yamamoto, Saizo Aoyagi, Noriko Nagata
ヒューマンインタフェース学会論文誌(CD-ROM)   18(1-4) 363‐372   Feb 2016   [Refereed]
青柳 西蔵, 藤原 央樹, 石井 裕剛
ヒューマンインタフェース学会論文誌 The transactions of Human Interface Society   15(1) 151-161   Feb 2013   [Refereed]
Saizo Aoyagi
Kyoto University      Sep 2012
AOYAGI Saizo, OKAMURA Tomoaki, ISHII Hirotake, SHIMODA Hiroshi
Human interface. The Transaction of Human Interface Society   13(3) 207-220   Aug 2011   [Refereed]
Community acceptance of nuclear power generation in Japan and relevant influencing factors
Jordi Cravioto, Mahmoud Bakr, Saizo Aoyagi, Seung-Won Park, N.Agya Utama
International Journal of Renewable Energy Research   1(2) 55-60   2011   [Refereed]
AOYAGI Saizo, FUJINO Hidenori, ISHII Hirotake, SHIMODA Hiroshi, SAKUDA Hiroshi, YOSHIKAWA Hidekazu, SUGIMAN Toshio
Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan / Atomic Energy Society of Japan   10(4) 273-289   2011   [Refereed]
  In a "hiyarihatto" activity, workers report and discuss incident cases related to their work. Such an activity is particularly effective for cultivating participants' attitudes about safety. Nevertheless, a conventional face-to-face hiyarihatto ...
Saizo Aoyagi, Hirotake Ishi, Hiroshi Shiomda, Yuto Itamo, Hiroshi Tomie, Kinya Kitagawa, Satoshi Kawahara
Educational technology research   33(1) 167-178   Nov 2010   [Refereed]
Debate learning is known as an effective method for cultivating critical thinking learning. However, debate learning requires much time for application in an actual classroom. This report describes a critical thinking program that includes debate ...
AOYAGI Saizo, ISHII Hirotake, SHIMODA Hroshi, ITAMI Yuto, TOMIE Hiroshi, KITAGAWA Kinya, KAWAHARA Satoshi
Japan journal of educational technology   33(4) 411-422   Feb 2010   [Refereed]
A debate education is effective for fostering critical thinking to improve students' learning motivation. In this study, a critical thinking program has been proposed, which includes debate education by an internet-based debate support system, and...
藤野 秀則, 青柳 西蔵, 石井 裕剛
Human factors in Japan   14(1) 45-54   Aug 2009   [Refereed]


青柳 西蔵, 北村 尊義
ヒューマンインタフェース学会誌 = Journal of Human Interface Society : human interface   14(4) 302-303   Nov 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

Understanding additional stopover behaviors of car tourists: An analysis of combined route search and mobile GPS travel trajectory data
Yiping Le, Saizo Aoyagi, Kazuki Takahashi
The 4th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Engineering (ICITE 2019)   5 Sep 2019   
Propose verified methodology of re-experience by using VR tightrope walking system
Yoshihiro Tada, Hayato Hirose, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto
Human Interface 2019   2 Sep 2019   
Empirical Analysis on Traffic Congestion Avoidance by Additional Stopovers on the route returning home from Tourism Area
Yiping LE, Saizo AOYAGI, Kazuki TAKAHASHI
6 Aug 2019   
Yuki Ono, Saizo Aoyagi, Masashi Sugimoto, Yoichi Yamazaki, Michiya Yamamoto, Noriko Nagata
HCI International 2019   30 Jul 2019   
Hayato Hirose, Ken Minamide, Satoshi Fukumori, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto
HCI International 2019   29 Jul 2019   
Yuki Ono, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto, Yoichi Yamazaki, Noriko Nagata
3rd International Conference on Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition(IVPR 2019)   30 May 2019   
Saizo Aoyagi, Atsuko Tanaka, Satoshi Fukumori, Michiya Yamamoto
the 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interface(IEEE VR 2019)   23 Mar 2019   
Study on the Influence of Real-time Traffic Information on Excursion Behavior base on Route Search and Vehicle Travel Data
Yiping Le, Saizo Aoyagi
3rd Asian Symposium on Sustainable Tourism for Development (AST4D 2019)   22 Mar 2019   
Saizo Aoyagi, Atsuko Tanaka, Satoshi Fukumori, Michiya Yamamoto
Interaction 2019   6 Mar 2019   
Ken Minamide, Satoshi Fukumori, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto
HCIInternational 2018   7 Jun 2018   
奥田 悠資, 東 隆太郎, 青柳 西蔵, 福森 聡, 山本 倫也
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム論文集(CD-ROM)   4 Sep 2017   
Michiya Yamamoto, Saizo Aoyagi, Satoshi Fukumori, and Tomio Watanabe
HCIInternational 2017   Jun 2017   
橋本 絵梨, 山本 倫也, 茂野 裕介, 青柳 西蔵
情報処理学会全国大会講演論文集   10 Mar 2016   
Analysis of Hand Raising Actions for Group Interaction Enhancement
Aoyagi Saizo, Yamamoto Michiya, Fukumori Satoshi
HCIInternational 2016   2016   
Tanaka Kazuaki, Yamamoto Michiya, Aoyagi Saizo, Nagata Noriko
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2015   1 Sep 2015   
Oneself-robot: A Framework for Forwarding a User’s Presence via a Robot to a Partner during Video Communication
Takanori Tatsumi, Satoshi Fukumori, Saizo Aoyagi, Michiya Yamamoto
RO-MAN 2015   Sep 2015   
青柳 西蔵, 山本 倫也, 福森 聡
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報   19 May 2015   
KiroPi: A Life-Log Robot by Installing Embodied Hardware on a Tablet
Michiya Yamamoto, Saizo Aoyagi, Satoshi Fukumori, Tomio Watanabe
RO-MAN 2015   2015   
青柳 西蔵, 河辺 隆司, 澤 菜々美
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報   29 May 2014   
青柳 西蔵, 河辺 隆司, 澤 菜々美
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報   29 May 2014   
青柳 西蔵, 河辺 隆司, 澤 菜々美
ヒューマンインタフェース学会研究報告集   2014   
Measurement of Hand Raising Actions to Support Students' Active Participation in Class
Ryuji Kawabe, Michiya Yamamoto, Saizo Aoyagi, Tomio Watanabe
HCIInternational 2014   2014   
Saizo Aoyagi, Oki Fujiwara, Tomoaki Okamura, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告   25 Feb 2013   
Nowadays, many daily household behaviors of people are connected to causing environmental load, promotion of PEBs (Pro-Environmental Behaviors) is therefore important issue to solve energy problems. Online community is recently regarded as an effe...
青柳西蔵, 岡村智明, 藤原央樹, 石井裕剛, 下田宏
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2011   13 Sep 2011   
Saizo Aoyagi, Tomoaki Okamura, Hirotake Ishii, HIroshi Shimoda
HCIInternational 2011   2011   
An Educational Program Using Debate Support System for Cultivating Critical Thinking Disposition
Saizo Aoyagi, Yuto Itami, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Hiroshi Tomie, Kinya Kitagawa, Satoshi Kawahara
青柳 西蔵, 藤野 秀則, 石井 裕剛, 下田 宏, 作田 博, 吉川 榮和, 杉万 俊夫
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2009   1 Sep 2009   
Saizo Aoyagi, Hidenori Fujino, Hirotake Ishii, SHIMODA Hiroshi, Hiroshi Sakuda, Hidekazu Yoshikawa, Toshio Sugiman
HCIInternatinal 2009   2009   
Saizo Aoyagi, Yuto Itami, Hiroshi Shimoda, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Tomie, Kinya Kitagawa
Human Interface. Correspondences on human interface   7 Nov 2008   
Saizo Aoyagi, Hidenori Fujino, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Hiroshi Sakuda, Hidekazu Yoshikawa
ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2008   1 Sep 2008   
Hidenori Fujino, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Saizo Aoyagi, Hiroshi Sakuda, Hidekazu Yoshikawa, Toshio Sugiman
横幹連合コンファレンス 2007   2007   
This study is to design a knowledge management system to facilitate organizational learning for safety culture in nuclear power plants in Japan. It is expected that workers can autonomously share information with each other by such a system. As a ...
Jordi Cravioto, Mahmoud Bakr, Saizo Aoyagi, Seungwon Park , N. Agya Utama
2011 IEEE Conference on Clean Energy and Technology(CET2011))   

Research Grants & Projects

Potential impact of climate variability on norovirus incidence and seasonality: water ecology and human health
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research: Collaborative Regional Research Programme (Major collaborators)
Project Year: Oct 2018 - Sep 2021    Investigator(s): Jian Pu


May 2019   Maker Faire Kyoto 2019