Sakurai Chikako

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Sakurai Chikako
Musashino University
Faculty of Education Department of Childhood Education
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1996
Mar 1998
Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Apr 1998
Mar 2001
Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Apr 1999
Mar 2004
Apr 2001
Apr 2003
Mar 2004
Apr 2004
Mar 2009


Apr 1992
Mar 1994
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Japan Women's University
Apr 1994
Mar 1999
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Japan Women's University
Mar 1992
Faculty of Literature, Japan Women's University

Published Papers

Incorporation of the Concept of “Face” into English Language Education in Elementary Schools:
Sakurai Chikako
(2) 77-90   Sep 2017
The Use of ICT in ESP: Toward Fostering Autonomous Learners
Chikako Sakurai
(7) 7-17   Mar 2017
The Use of Learners' Portfolio in English Education: Toward Fostering Autonomous Learners
Maiko Nakatake and Chikako Sakurai
(6) 65-76   Mar 2016
Cognitive Construal and Linguistic Theory of Ba in Languge Acquisition
Chikako Sakurai
(14) 643-646   May 2014
A Study of Communicative Competence: Based on a Survey of Students' attitudes towards English Learning
(4) 29-50   Mar 2014
Language from the Perspective of "Ba Theory"
Sachiko Ide and Chikako Sakurai
Papers from the National Conference of the Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association   (13) 612-617   May 2013
English Language Education in Japanese Universities: From a Liberal Arts Viewpoint
(3) 5-20   Mar 2013
Expectations and Challenges of Environmental English : Analysis of Questionnaire for Prospective Students
Ota Eri, Sakurai Chikako, Yoshimura Susan and Okano Megumi
(7) 13-18   2012
Linguistic Viewpoints in Expressing the Actions in Japanese and English
Chikako Sakurai
Proceedings of TACL/TLF Summer Conference      Dec 1994

Books etc

Intercultural Communication for English Language Learners in Japan
Jan 2017   

Conference Activities & Talks

A Way to Foster Autonomous Learners in ESP using TED Talks
Sakurai Chikako and Okano Megumi
JACET 56th International Convention (2017, Tokyo)   31 Aug 2017   
A comparative study of children’s narratives in English and Japanese: A ba-theoretical approach to type-zero reported speech
Sakurai Chikako and Yamaguchi Masataka
The 15th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA2017)   17 Jul 2017   
The interiority of viewpoint in reported speech in narrative discourse
Sakurai Chikako
The 17th Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference   10 Sep 2016   
What is Culture in Ba-oriented Communication
Sakurai Chikako
the 30th Annual Conference of SIETAR Japan   20 Sep 2015   
Event construals in language acquisition and ba linguistics
Sakurai Chikako
The 14th Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference   21 Sep 2013   
A Case Study of Roles and Results of Motivating Students in Learning "Environmental English"
Sakurai Chikako and Okano Megumi
JACET 52nd International Convention   31 Aug 2013   
Language and Ba-theory
Ide Sachiko and Sakurai Chikako
The 13th Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference   8 Sep 2012   
A Case Study of English Class in Environmental Studies
Sakurai Chikako
JACET Convention (2010)   8 Sep 2010   
The acquisition of viewpoints of uchi and soto
Sakurai Chikako
The 25th Conference of Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences   13 Mar 2010   
The acquisition of benefactive constructions in Japanese: A pragmatic account
Sakurai Chikako
The Japanese Society for Language Sciences 2009   5 Jul 2009