Takaaki SATAKE

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Takaaki SATAKE
Job title


Research in my laboratory focuses on the following five large themes as research of the food process engineering field. 1) The new technology development for the safety of a food material and food, or quality evaluation. 2) The elucidation of the physical and chemical characteristics of the food material and food for processing and distribution. 3) Basic research on storage and transportation of a food material and food. 4) Measurement of various biosignal at the time of feeding for food product design. 5) Application of the computer science, such as neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and simulated annealing to the field of food process.
As a concrete topics of research, 1) Study on microbial contamination evaluation of the liquid food by oxygen electrode. Applied study of μTAS to food process. Study on the microbial contamination evaluation of meat quality or cut vegetables by a near infrared spectroscopic method. Study on the safety of a liquid food packaging container. 2) Research and development of the rice noodle using high amylose rice. 3) Basic study on the three dimensional transportation oscillating simulation of fresh fruit and vegetables. Development of the random vibration test method in consideration of damaging. Study on MA packing of fresh fruit and vegetables. 4) Food design based on detection of biosignal such as brain waves, bowel sound, etc. Development of the quantification system of food sensitivity. 5) Three dimensional computer layouting of the food processing plant and machine by simulated annealing. The optimal transportation routes determination of agricultural product using genetic algorithm. The optimal design of livestock feed formulation using multiobjective genetic algorithm. To attain these research objectives, several collaborative research activities are carried out with some specialists in other research fields.

Published Papers

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Numthuam S, Suzuki H, Fukuda J, Phunsiri S, Rungchang S, Satake T
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