Kojima Satoshi

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Kojima Satoshi
Insitute for Global Environmental Strategies
Job title
Principal Coordinator
Ph.D.(University of York)


Dr. Satoshi Kojima is a principal coordinator of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). He studied environmental economics at the University of York in UK and received a Ph.D. in 2005. Before he studied in UK he worked as a development consultant, engaged in water and environment related ODA projects in several countries including Indonesia and Honduras. Since he joined IGES in 2005 he has led research projects on sustainable development policy including sustainable resource management and sustainable ecosystem use.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jul 2016
Principal Coordinator, Strategic Management Office, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Apr 2013
Jun 2016
Principal Researcher, Strategic Management Office, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Apr 2010
Mar 2013
Group Director, Economy and Environment Group, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Jul 2008
Mar 2010
Manager/Senior Researcher, Economic Analysis Team, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Apr 2007
May 2008
Deputy Manager, Economy and Trade Group, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Jul 2005
Mar 2007
Policy Researcher, Long-term Perspective and Policy Integration Project, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Apr 1994
Sep 2001
Consulting Engineer, Water Resources and Environment Division, Pacific Consultants International


Oct 2001
Jul 2005
Environmental Economics and Environmental Management, Environment Department, University of York
Apr 1992
Mar 1994
Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Apr 1988
Mar 1992
Department of Urban Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Research direction of carbon pricing studies to realize decarbonized society
Kojima Satoshi, Asakawa Kenji
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies   12(2) 1-8   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
Green tax reform towards realisation of long-term low carbon vision
Kojima Satoshi、Asakawa Kenji, Lee Soocheol, Chewpreecha Unnada, Suk Sunhee
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies   11(2) 82-86   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
An economic assessment of carbon tax reform to meet Japan's NDC Agreement under different nuclear assumptions using the E3ME model
Lee Soocheol, Chewpreecha Unnada, Politt Hector, Kojima Satoshi
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies   20(2) 411-429   2018   [Refereed]
Direct versus embodied emissions: criteria for determining the carbon coverage for border carbon adjustment
Zhou Xin, Yano Takashi, Kojima Satoshi
Carbon Management   4(3) 261-273   2013   [Refereed]
Proposal for a national inventory adjustment for trade in the presence of border carbon adjustment: Assessing carbon tax policy in Japan
Zhou Xin, Yano Takashi, Kojima Satoshi
Energy Policy   63 1098-1110   2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

Efficiency and fairness of resource u. se: from a planetary boundary perspective
Kojima Satoshi, Aoki-Suzuki Chika (Part:Contributor, Chapter 2)
Routledge   2015   
Economic and environmental implications of East Asia economic integration
Kojima Satoshi, Bunditsakulchai Pongsun, Moinuddin Mustafa (Part:Contributor, Chapter 7)
Routledge   2015   
Greening Asia’s integration: An urgent challenge
Kojima Satoshi, Bengtsson Magnus (Part:Contributor, Chapter 1)
IGES   2015   
Where Is Asia Heading? Trends and Issues for Regional Integration and Sustainability
Kojima Satoshi, Bengtsson Magnus (Part:Contributor, Chapter 2)
IGES   2015   
Regional Integration and Sustainable Development: Experiences from Asia and Beyond
Bengtsson Magnus, Kojima Satoshi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 3)
IGES   2015