Sep, 2016

Introduction of active learning in the course 'Maternal Nursing and Health Care' at the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University

  • Arimori Naoko
  • ,
  • Kirihara Saori
  • ,
  • Ishida Mayumi
  • ,
  • Sekijima Kayoko

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Research paper (scientific journal)

Many nursing students are interested in pregnancy, labor, and delivery because it is one of their possible future life events. However, with the severe decline in birthrate in recent decades, very few students have an opportunity to experience an actual delivery. The concepts of maternity nursing are difficult to understand through lectures alone without any practical experience or training. However, students need to understand the subject matter, characteristics, and\nrelated concepts in the adaptation process of starting a new family for women, children, and their family members, and the necessary support they require. We thought that it would be effective to promote students'understanding through a case study and classroom discussion, and through having them observe, participate in, and experience actual maternity care training in a hospital after the lectures. We included these themes in our educational program. We also tried to teach\nnursing students by active learning in the course'Maternal Nursing and Health Care'. We used a movie and a written case study to help students imagine the experience of a woman in a maternity ward. In the classes, students asked questions about the movie and case study, had discussions with other group members, searched for information, studied related questions by themselves, gave presentations of their learning content, and then received evaluations by other groups. Here we report an overview of our educational program.

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